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Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment 
Shaft couplings, propeller nuts and shaft flange bolts designed for easy handling and trouble free operation. Wärtsilä hydraulic equipment includes varieties of shaft couplings, propeller nuts and shaft flange bolts. 

Wärtsilä Hydraulic Couplings
Hydraulic couplings provide a simple and quick way to connect shafts, eliminating the need for keyways, tapers or thrust rings.  The hydraulic shaft coupling range consists of four design types: OHSM, OHSM-B and OHSM-V, all flange couplings and connect a shaft to a gearbox, engine or another shaft. OHSN couplings are designed to connect two standard shafts.

Wärtsilä Hydraulic Nuts & Bolts
Wärtsilä hydraulic nuts are for heavy equipment installation. Manufactured from high quality materials, the nuts are designed for use as both an installation tool and a permanent nut. The fitting process is controlled by means of a hydraulic procedure. The process is clean, quick and trouble free with the simple use of one set of hydraulic equipment.

Wärtsilä hydraulic bolts are designed to ensure the easy connection of flanges while still being able to meet the requirements of high torque transmission. The high quality bolts keep the connections rigid under extreme operating condition. They are easy to install and remove as well as reusable.

Wärtsilä Custom composites: Washers, Bushes, Flat seals
Typically special design, though not complex, these components complement seals and bearings applications. They may include composite top-hat washers, flat seals for bushes, bearing seals and flat seals for the base of guide vane mechanisms etc. The primary aim is to be able to provide a single point of supply for turbine, pump and industrial installations saving customers valuable time and resources usually needed when dealing with several different suppliers.

Wärtsilä Seal Interfaces
Wärtsilä will provide its proprietary composite interface material, manufactured in-house, for incorporation into other OEM seals or as replacement materiel for existing, older, installations. Supply is on a “make to print” basis with all intellectual property in the material retained by Wärtsilä.

Others Auxiliaries: Strainers, Filters, Pumps, Sensors, Controllers, Actuators, Pipework
Where the supply is a packaged or system purchase, Wärtsilä can provide all of the mating elements and act as a single point of supply for the package/system and all of its interconnections with the customer’s facility. We are then able to act as a de facto systems integrator if there is a limit to your internal resources or capabilities and/or there is significant value add in a single supply source taking ownership and responsibility for system installation, commissioning, training, performance and warranty.

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