Wärtsilä REguard Water WFS E Seals

With a longstanding and extensive installed base across many sectors, this product is continuously being developed. A simple but effective seal solution with base E-series rubber bellow seals, with the option to upgrade to a more standardised Partially Split [PSE] solution and, if required, a specialist Fully Split [FSE] solution. We can offer these ranges with composite variants, allowing for ease of maintenance and corrosion resistance through material choice and light weighting. 

Compliant in low to medium pressure water lubricated applications, this product can be delivered in hybrid form with our water lubricated composite shaft bearings.   The result is reduced overall cost with less components and a lighter, easy to handle product though still providing an integrated, environmental shaft solution.  The product can be split for ease of installation and maintenance with long service intervals, minimising downtime and unplanned costs.

Designed for ease of installation and on-going maintenance, minimising downtime due to replacement of spares and seal servicing; less time, less risk and therefore less cost.  Long service intervals can avoid unplanned costs and enable overall extensions to planned maintenance cycles.

A proven water lubricated seal, its performance removes all associated environmental risks seen with oil lubrication including contamination or leakage. Providing major cost avoidance of both costly mineral lubrication systems and supplies, and any possible non-compliance costs with regards to local and/or international regulation.

It is also a very effective component in a planned oil-to-water conversion, which removes the risk of non-compliance and extends the Mean Time Between Maintenance [MTBM].

Smaller hydropower or tidal power turbine/shaft installations, pumps and other rotating equipment using water lubrication
Ideal for small hydropower applications or similar sized pumps
Can be incorporated into a kit solution for ‘Oil to Water’ Conversions
Where the seal space envelope is constricted but the quality of operation is still paramount
Use with Wärtsilä composite shaft bearings for a compact hybrid seal/bearing solution

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