Wärtsilä REguard Water & Oil Hybrid Seals

Designed to minimise the overall complexity of installation, this seal incorporates an oil and water option into a single packaged solution. A unique hybrid sealing option which combines mechanical face and lip elements. A compact, cartridge type sealing solution designed to protect the shaft and gearbox, by preventing water ingress, it has a void space collection method to ensure any limited leakage does cause contamination.  These seals are typically used in deeper draught applications where pressures and service accessibility may be an issue.

With continuous development and engineering by Wärtsilä for over 2 decades, this has further extended service intervals and is designed for long life operation.  Reflecting the operating environment and meeting user demands with high environmental integrity. 

Available as either an AC series seal [with increased redundancy in lip sealing; typical maximum being a 3 lip arrangement] or an A8 series, both with extended warranty options which support lifecycle performance.

Extensive deep draught installations have given a comprehensive reference on performance and reliability, with proven longevity.  Aligned to the operating environment, they perform hydrodynamically for both pressure and lubrication. With a proven environmental performance, it reduces the risk of non-compliance with legislation, whilst also offering extended periods between maintenance.  For Original Equipment Manufacturers [OEM customers], this can be a key benefit for their own product offering.

Typically used in deeper draughts appliations including tidal turbines, offshore vessels/platforms.
Optional Leakage Recovery System [LRS] ensures the void space between sealing elements is managed and extends timescales for intervention and low level maintenance 
Optimised for contained generation

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