Wärtsilä REguard Oil OFS Worksafe Seals

With an extensive and longstanding installation base within the harsh environment of marine applications, this product is the predominantly oil lubricated/sealing variant of the developed Partially Split [PSE]/Fully Split [FSE] rubber bellowed Wärtsilä REguard Water WFS series.

Able to withstand adverse axial and radial shaft vibration and movements, this series has an enviable record of longevity and reliability in older installations still running with mineral oil lubrication, but is equally suited to Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants [EAL’s], where conversion to water lubrication is difficult. Available with silicon carbide interface elements, the product is designed for effective long term sealing performance and extended maintenance intervals. Provides a very effective replacement for packed glands, removing any issues with shaft/liner wear.

Designed for ease of installation and on-going maintenance, minimising downtime due to replacement of spares and seal servicing; less time, less risk and therefore less cost.  Long service intervals can avoid unplanned costs and enable overall extensions to planned maintenance cycles.

Also, as a replacement solution for packed glands, the on-going costs of maintenance and wear of shafts and/or shaft liners is significantly reduced.

Proven sealing performance contributes to the mitigation of associated environmental risks in oil contamination/leakage (especially combined with the use of an EAL), and hence cost avoidance in terms of levies and charges for non-compliance with related national/international regulation.

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