Wärtsilä REsafe Water WCS Bearing

The Wärtsilä REsafe WCS bearing series is the latest generation of water lubricated, composite bearings developed by Wärtsilä, offering an environmentally friendly, low wear, long lifecycle solution. Originally developed for the demanding marine market, they are widely used in hydropower and industrial power generation plants where there is rotating equipment.  A unique Wärtsilä feature is that these bearings can be provided as a hybrid [combined] or packaged shaft system incorporating the appropriate Wärtsilä water lubricated seal.

Wärtsilä REsafe WCS bearings are available as bushes, shells or segments and can be supplied as part of a package, retained in a housing and tailored for easy installation.  The housing can be made from Wärtsilä’s standard spun cast aluminium bronze or Wärtsilä’s new light weight and strong structural composites which can reduce the weight of the housing by up to 75%, without detriment to its strength, support or operation.  Both housings and bearings can be fully split for easy assembly with the shaft left in-situ. 

Due to the superior material quality developed by Wärtsilä, they can also vastly improve both the safety and operational elements of installation, commissioning and maintenance.  Wärtsilä REsafe water lubricated bearings are also cost effective as they have less material content, less complexity and the lubricant is freely available.  They are also environmentally compliant, avoiding unplanned costs and minimising risks associated with current, and future, regulations and restrictions.

Wärtsilä’s in-house material science development strategy combined with product manufacturing and quality control standards, ensure that lead-times are controlled and the product is highly customisable.´The bearing material also has a very low co-efficient of friction (CoF) both wet and dry running, reducing the amount of power lost between the rotating shaft and the bearing.  This low CoF (μ) reduces the wear rate of the bearing, giving an extended operating life and reduction of through life costs.

Industrial applications including process industries, power generation, mining etc.
Hydropower turbine guide bearings, guide vane and linkage bushes, tidal power and pumps.

Hydropower turbine shaft guide bearings are a critical part of its operation.  Wärtsilä REsafe WCS bearings can achieve small running clearances between the shaft and bearing, due to its low thermal expansion and swell (in water) rates, which in turn reduces potential shaft vibration. 

A unique Wärtsilä feature of the bearing is that it can be provided as a hybrid [combined] or packaged shaft system incorporating the appropriate water lubricated seal.  Although the focus is on environmentally compliant systems we also supply an oil lubricated composite bearing (see Wärtsilä REsafe Oil OCS Bearing) for operators who will continue to use grease/oil across their sites. 

To balance that approach we can also provide a full turnkey turbine/plant level conversion from oil/grease to water to enhance future compliance with regulation and to stabilise costs of operation associated with seals and bearings.  The Wärtsilä REsafe WCS can also be used for hydropower turbine wicket gate and linkage bushes, wherever plain bearings are required.

Our bearing packages can also be supplied with sensors to track performance [including wear and temperature] and inputs into plant level planned maintenance systems.

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