Wärtsilä Slop Water Treatment

Wärtsilä slop water treatment system is designed to clean water (deck washing water or rain) contaminated with oil or drilling mud produced by offshore operational activity - particularly upon drilling rigs/ships and floating production units.

The system consists of two units – a MWD (Mud Water Decanter) and SWC (Slop Water Cleaning) unit. In the first stage the MWD separates the mud and oil from the water emulsion, and in the second the SWC treats and discharges the emulsified water. 

Slop water/mud is a waste stream which is produced when an oil/synthetic/diesel drilling fluid becomes contaminated with water, and is amongst the most significant waste streams from exploration and development activities.

The Wärtsilä slop water treatment system enables the slop water/mud to be dischargeable to the sea without further treatment. The system will significantly reduce drill slop sent offshore by as much as 80-90%.

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