Wärtsilä Oily Water Separators

The Wärtsilä Oily Water Separator (OWS) easily handles bilge water with minimum impact for operation staff and with results that easily surpasses current and future legislative requirements.

The technology behind the Wärtsilä OWS is a combination of optimized traditional methods and innovative new solutions. The separator consists of a four-stage, emulsion-breaking unit, where each stage handles one key component of the sludge and bilge mix. It can handle input flows with an oil content of between 0 and 100%, making it the most versatile separator on the market.

The Wärtsilä OWS units are IMO and US Coast Guard approved and gives the operator effective control over all bilge media as well as over any discharges made into the sea. The amount of oil in water after treatment is less than 5 ppm.

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