Wärtsilä Oily Water Separators

The Wärtsilä oily water separator (OWS) combines decades of experience and innovative engineering to ensure the reliable and cost-effective treatment of oily water to the latest quality standards. Fully compliant with the latest legislation, this separator produces uninterrupted discharge below 5ppm. The small footprint makes the unit easy to install and the automatic operation ensures that man-hours are kept to a minimum.

The Wärtsilä OWS-15 series is an economical and easy to operate solution to treat ship’s bilge water in compliance to MEPC.107(49). The system comprises 3 stages - a hydrophobic high viscosity removal system, an oleophilic coalescing filter element and a high adsorption media which adsorbs more than 60% of its weight in oil contaminants. Fitted with a 15ppm oil content monitor, the OWS15 series guarantees that the treated water is safe to discharge overboard. The unit does not require backwashing or the use of chemicals, lowering the running costs and maximising efficiency.


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