Wärtsilä Waterjet Seals

The Wärtsilä Jetguard range is designed for waterjet input shafts, the Wärtsilä Hubguard range is solely adapted for waterjet hubs.

The Wärtsilä Jetguard range consists of water lubricated face type sealing solutions, especially designed for waterjet input shafts. Available in both metallic and composite materials.

    Waterjet Input Shafts


    Wärtsilä Jetguard - WFS1R-P-J, WFS1R-P-LJ, WFS1R-P-M & WFS1R-F-M

    Formerly known as DSS (Deep Sea Seals) Manejet PSE, Composite PSE and EXJ, the Wärtsilä Jetguard range is specifically developed for demanding operating conditions, such as the high speeds and varying pressures typically seen on waterjets. It is available as both commercial and military (shock capable) options.

    Partially and fully split options are available to enable maintenance and seal replacement without removing the shaft. Maintenance can also be done afloat through the use of an inflatable seal.

    WFS1R-P-J & WFS1R-P-LJ, main components of the commercial types manufactured from bronze. Corrosion free composite materials are also available for easy maintenance and reduced weight.

    WFS1R-P-M & WFS1R-F-M, military type, largely of aluminium and bronze construction with 00 pressurized interfaces.

    Shaft sizes ø110 to ø410 mm
    Serviceability Partially split and fully split options
    Internal lubricant Water
    Max, draft pressure 3.5 bar
    Optional extras Mounting isolation bushes
    Wärtsilä Waterjet Seals - WFS1R-P-J-M
    Waterjet Hubs


    Wärtsilä Hubguard - OFS1H-NJ & OFS1H-N-CJ

    Formerly known as DSS (Deep Sea Seals) T5M and AF, the Wärtsilä Hubguard range is an oil lubricated face type sealing solution, solely adapted for water jet hubs.

    The Wärtsilä Hubguard range offers some of the most advanced sealing materials and designs specifically for oil lubricated hub sealing. It comes in two models:

    OFS1H-NJ, a standard version for larger shaft sizes

    OFS1H-N-CJ, a small compact version

    Shaft sizes ø70 to ø510 mm(OFS1H-NJ)
    ø50 to ø300 mm(OFS1H-N-CJ)
    Serviceability Non-split
    Internal lubricant Oil
    Max, draft pressure 5.0 bar
    Optional extras OD pressurized interfaces
    Wärtsilä Waterjet Seals -OFS1H-N-CJ
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