Wärtsilä Submarine Seals

The Wärtsilä Diveguard range is a high pressure inboard sealing solution for submarines and other deepwater applications

Wärtsilä Diveguard water lubricated face type seals available in either single barrier (WSF1H-P-M) or double barrier options (WSF2H-P-M).

Following the acquisitions of John Crane - Lips and the brand names DSS - Deep Sea Seals and Lips by Wärtsilä, the product Manedive AD-C is renamed Wärtsilä Diveguard.



    Wärtsilä Diveguard - WFS1H-P-M & WFS2H-P-M

    Wärtsilä Diveguard seals offer exceptional performance in both military and commercial vessels. The WFS1H-P-M & WFS2H-P-M are commonly supplied as a bespoke design solution for the most demanding subsea applications.

    Benefits of the seal range include low noise, long life and additional redundancy options. These include high pressure inflatable seals (allowing high pressure testing), optional emergency packing (standard and planetary gearing options) and flow restrictors.

    WSF2H-P-M, optional double sealing solutions are available to provide additional safety.

    Shaft sizes ø200 to ø700 mm
    Serviceability Partially split
    Internal lubricant Water
    Max, draft pressure To suit application
    Optional extras Double face seal, double inflatable, choke ring restrictor,
    packing & wear ring with various pressure housing materials
    Wärtsilä Submarine Seals - WFS1H-P-M
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