Wärtsilä Special Application Seals

Wärtsilä has a long history with customers having both original & specialised requirements

Having developed our expertise in the creation and validation of bespoke sealing solutions, we can design the solution to suit the application. The fields of application can be widespread from industrial applications to renewable power generation and heavy lift vessels...

Following the acquisitions of John Crane - Lips and Japan Marine Technologies Businesses as well as the acquisitions of the brand names DSS - Deep Sea Seals, Lips and JMT - Japan Marine Technologies by Wärtsilä, the products Oceanguard (A series), AC, A8 and Sternguard 4BL are renamed respectively Wärtsilä Oceanguard (OFS3H-N) and Wärtsilä Sternguard (OLS4-P).

    Tidal Turbine Seals

    Wärtsilä Oceanguard - OFS3H-N & Wärtsilä Sternguard - OLS4-P

    Wärtsilä Oceanguard, OFS3H-N, non-split oil lubricated face type seal, has unparalleled performance in high pressure and low rotational speed operating environments synonymous with turbine installations.

    Wärtsilä Sternguard, OLS4-P, oil lubricated lip type seal, is also suitable for tidal turbine application.

    Shaft sizes ø125 to ø1000 mm (OFS3H-N)
    ø286 to ø1172 mm (OLS4-P)
    Serviceability Non-split & partially split
    Internal lubricant Oil
    Max, draft pressure 10.0 bar (OFS3H-N)
    2.0 bar(OLS4-P)
    Wärtsilä Special Application Seals - OFS3H-N and OLS4-P
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