Wärtsilä Rudder stock & Stabilizer Seals

The Wärtsilä Steerguard range proposes rudder stock and stabilizer sealing solutions with various lubrication types.

Wärtsilä Steerguard is a range of standard products which can be modified if required for specific applications such as shock compatibility. The lip type rudder stock seals are oil lubricated whereas the face type seals are available with grease or water lubrication.

Following the acquisitions of John Crane - Lips and the brand names DSS - Deep Sea Seals and Lips by Wärtsilä, the products Sternguard MK2 and Manebar EJ, ER & ES are renamed Wärtsilä Steerguard.

    Commercial & Military

    Rudder stock & stabilizer, COMMERCIAL & MILITARY, face type seals

    Wärtsilä Steerguard - JFZ1R-N, GFR1R-P & GFR1R-P-M

    The Wärtsilä Steerguard range for face type seals offer a proven and reliable sealing solution for both grease and water lubricated installations. These products are also available in a military specification to meet shock capability requirements.

    JFZ1R-N, standard small range, rudder stock & stabilizer seal

    GFR1R-P, standard mid range, rudder stock seal

    GFR1R-P-M, large range, shock compatible rudder stock seal

    Shaft sizes ø50 toø330 mm (JFZ1R-N)
    ø320 to ø530 mm (GFR1R-P)
    ø530 to ø1300 mm (GFR1R-P-M)
    Serviceability Non-split
    Internal lubricant Water or grease
    Max, draft pressure 0.8 bar
    Wärtsilä Rudder stock & Stabilizer Seals - GFR1R-P-M

    Only rudder stock, COMMERCIAL lip type seals

    Wärtsilä Steerguard - KLR2-P & KLR3-P

    Wärtsilä Steerguard, KLR2-P & KLR3-P, lip type seals are specifically designed for sealing the rudder stock. They consist of the following key components: casing set, constructed from high-grade cast iron, and seal rings, made of NBR rubber.

    These seals require minimum maintenance and can easily be overhauled in-situ and are efficient and cost effective rudder stock solutions.

    Shaft sizes ø155 toø710 mm
    Serviceability Partially split
    Internal lubricant Oil or grease
    Max, draft pressure NA
    Wärtsilä Rudder stock & Stabilizer Seals - KLR2-P
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