Wärtsilä Water Lubricated Stern Tube Bearings

Wärtsilä Envirosafe bearings are composite bearings, offering an environmentally friendly solution, specifically designed for stern tube applications.

Our range of water lubricated bearings offers excellent performance covering both commercial and military applications. A variety of different supply options is available to suit specific applications including non-split bearings, split shells, or fully split housing that allows in-situ replacement and repair, as well as bearings packages. Wärtsilä also offers a Bearing wear down gauge system, which remotely indicates the wear of the stern tube or bracket bearing, by measuring the drop of the propeller shaft.

For information regarding our extended 25 Year Warranty on Wärtsilä Envirosafe Composite Bearings (as part of a water Wärtsilä lubricated package solution), click here.

    Commercial & Military

    Commercial and military water lubricated stern tube bearings

    Wärtsilä Envirosafe - WCS-N-M, WCS-P-M and WCS-F-M

    Shaft sizes ø70 to ø1100 mm (WCS-N-M)
    ø200 to ø1100 mm (WCS-P-M)
    ø300 to ø1100 mm (WCS-F-M)

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