Wärtsilä Rudder & Stabilizer Bearings

Wärtsilä Steersafe bearings are composite bearings for rudders and stabilizers.Wärtsilä Steersafe is a range of composite bearings developed specifically for rudder and stabilizer applications. 

Wärtsilä Steersafe offer excellent performance in applications where oil, grease, water or dry running may be required. A variety of different supply options is available to suit the specific application.

JCR-N: Wärtsilä Steersafe standard composite bearing

DCR-N: Wärtsilä Steersafe dry-running capability composite bearing

    Commercial & Military

    Commercial and military oil lubricated rudder and stabilizer bearings

    Shaft sizes ø70 toø1200 mm (JCR-N)
    ø70 to ø705 mm (DCR-N)

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