Wärtsilä oil lubricated sterntube bearings

Our range of Sternsafe oil lubricated bearings are developed specifically for stern tube applications and offer excellent performance covering both standard and high load requirements. They are available both as white metal and composite bearings. To suit your specific needs and applications we offer different supply options

Wärtsilä Sternsafe bearings are made from cast iron or ductile cast iron housings that are babitted with tin or lead based on white metal. All bearings are based on a standardized design with the option of a variety of temperature sensors.


    OMS-N - Commercial oil lubricated white metal stern tube bearings

    Shaft sizes ø136 toø1172 mm
    Effective lenght According to class (or to suit application)
    Operating temperature 35° to 60° C
    Optional extras Tin based or lead based

    OCS-N and OCS-N-X - Commercial oil lubricated composite stern tube bearings

    shaft sizes ø70 to ø1100 mm (OCS-N)
    ø200to ø1100 mm (OCS-N-X)
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