Wärtsilä Intermediate Shaft Bearings

All products offer the advantages of being fully split hence replaceable and serviceable

Wärtsilä’s intermediate shaft bearing solutions are fully split, self-aligning, oil lubricated radial support bearings made from cast iron with centrifugally cast white metal bearing surfaces.

The spherical self-aligning design promotes easy alignment, and reduces wear. The designs are also prepared for cooling and can be fitted with a complete monitoring of temperatures and oil levels on request.

OPSY-F & OPSQ-F, also available in water tight & forced lubricated versions

OPSQ-F-X, modified for higher shaft loads


    Commercial oil lubricated intermediate shaft bearings

    Shaft sizes ø126 to ø825 mm (depending on the application)
    White metal foundation Tin based or lead based
    Operating temperature 45° to 65° C
    Optional extras Cooling coil, oil level gauge and temperature sensor


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