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Wärtsilä water quality system
Increase the longevity of your equipment

Wärtsilä water quality systems

Wärtsilä Water Quality Systems increase the life of both seal and bearing products by filtering the water supply to remove any particulates or abrasive present in the raw water supply. More importantly, using an advanced water quality system that controls and monitors water flow, pressure and temperatures together with the option of an electronic bearing wear down gauge, operators are able to extend shaft withdrawal periods to an equal level with vessels using oil as a stern tube bearing lubricant.

Designed to provide filtered water for open and closed lubricated stern tube systems, providing increased impressive longevity of installed equipment. A range of pumped and or filtered supply systems for open and closed water applications are available:



    • Open water filtration system 
    • Duplex pumped and filtration
    • Simplex pumped and filtration
    • Dual pumped and filtration with cyclone separators with increased filtering efficiency 
    • Closed water filtration systems
    • Dual pumped and filtration and temperature monitored
    Sizes Footprint – 1200 mm x 800 mm
    Optional extras Counter flanges and fasteners


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