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Wärtsilä seals and bearings

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Wärtsilä seals and bearings

Wärtsilä Seals and Bearings enhances the business of its customers by providing integrated systems, packages and products that are efficient, economically sound, and environmentally sustainable. Being a truly global organization with over 100 years of experience, we have the ability to supply solutions supported by a broad product range and services portfolio during the whole lifecycle of the vessel.

Wärtsilä supports its customers throughout the lifecycle of their installations by optimising efficiency and performance. We offer expertise, proximity and responsiveness for all customers regardless of their equipment make in the most environmentally sound way. You can have the entire power or propulsion system fully serviced by one global supplier. We are continuously developing our global service network, solutions, products and specialist services worldwide to support equipment onboard your vessels or at your power plant installations.


Wärtsilä seals and bearings have years of experience in the marine industry, we are able to determine the best solution in terms of performance and cost, in compliance with the needs and requirements of the customer."



    Wärtsilä Seals & Bearings provides environmentally and economically sound integrated solutions for merchant vessels. Our environmentally friendly propeller shaft systems ensure high reliability and keep your business running smoothly.
    Cruise and ferry

    The Wärtsilä propulsion shaft line portfolio offers a range of solutions that achieve outstanding levels of efficiency, safety, reliability and environmental compliance. Our water lubricated solutions ensure continuous and smooth operation of your tail shaft equipment, but also the environmental compliance of your vessel. With a single reliable supplier you can avoid the compatibility issues that can arise from using multiple manufacturers and ensure everything works in perfect harmony, giving you peace of mind and a smooth journey. 


    By supporting your propulsion systems with a range of integrated products, dedicated services and 24/7 support, Wärtsilä Seals and Bearings is on hand to ensure every vessel in your fleet remains equipped to respond. Our solutions have been specifically developed with the demands of modern naval operations in mind. Each component is designed and tested to be shock resistant, long lasting, quiet and efficient in its operation, to meet the most stringent naval requirements

    Offshore and special vessels

    Our systems are a perfect fit for the offshore market, but also technically complex vessels such as research vessels, dredgers, wind support and installation vessels. Thanks to years of expertise in the marine industry, Wärtsilä offers a complete range of propulsion shaft line components that are designed to operate with minimum disruption and maximum efficiency, even in harsh environments, extreme temperatures, with long operating hours, and constantly running equipment.

    Yachts and fishing vessels

    Vessel owners and operators are looking for more advanced solutions that can quickly pay for themselves by lasting longer, preventing expensive emergency dockings and downtime in harbor, and avoiding leakages and the associated costs. Thanks to our years of expertise in the marine industry, Wärtsilä Seals and Bearings offers a complete range of shaft line components for your vessel that work in perfect harmony, giving you peace of mind and a smooth journey. We are one of the very few suppliers who manufacture all the components required within the shaft line in-house, which means we offer a true ‘one-stop-shop’ service.


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