Gate Valves – Through Conduit

Size Range
6” - 48” / DN150 – DN1200

Pressure Rating
ANSI 150 up to 1500

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Ferralium®

    Standard Features
    • Designed and manufactured to API 6D
    • All internal components can be replaced without removing the valve from the line
    • Bubble-tight sealing from zero to full rated pressure
    • Stem Protector
    • Life lubricated bearings - no routine maintenance
    • Floating parallel sided gate can’t stick, wedge or gall
    • Floating spring loaded seats always in contact with the gate
    • Self-cleaning gate
    • Piggable
    • Metal-to-metal primary seal – protected ‘O’ ring secondary seal
    • Upstream and downstream sealing under all operating conditions– full block and bleed capability
    • Suited for services requiring block bleed or double block and bleed
    • Body cavity is isolated from the valve conduit when the valve is fully open or closed. This allows the body to be vented to atmosphere or drained with the valve under pressure.
    Optional Features
    • Secondary seat seal
    • Emergency sealant injection (seat and stem seals)
    • Extended blow down valves
    • Stem extensions for operating underground
    • Transition Pieces

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