Integrated solutions

Wärtsilä’s unique capabilities in harnessing innovation and digitalisation form the basis of our support for our customers as we enter a new age of shipping. It is no longer always enough to provide individual products or systems, since the essential global need for optimal efficiency and minimal risks demand that all these individual parts function together, as a single integrated, harmonious entity. When Wärtsilä talks about connecting the dots, integration of all the various elements that go into producing the most efficient and cost-effective operational performance is central to this concept.

No other company can match our portfolio of products, systems and solutions. It is this vastly broad offering, together with our 180 plus years of know-how and experience that makes Wärtsilä so very capable in producing the best and most efficient integrated solutions. This single-supplier capability speeds and eases the design and procurement process, facilitates accurate and on-time logistics, and reduces project development and execution risks for shipyards and owners.

    Project development services

    We enable customer success by providing technical and commercial expertise to the project development phase.

    We partner with you to provide a unique combination of technical and commercial expertise in the project development phase. Our team of experts support you in  with a wide range of services, such as system architecture, feasibility studies, FEED support, financial and marine lifecycle consultancy services.

    A lifecycle approach to vessel operation starts with the concept development and design phase. Feasibility studies as well as financing and insurance solutions all play an important part in the total economics of the vessel. Good design means that a vessel is well built and optimised for its purpose. This also improves operational efficiency and second hand value. Greater cost predictability is achieved, and at a fleet level, the number, speed and usage of assets is optimised so that the future financial results of the business are easier to predict.

    Project execution services

    We enable customer success by reducing risks related to the project execution.

    From transport and logistics services, subcontracting and system integration engineering and system training to project management, site management and commissioning, Wärtsilä’s experience and know how stemming from hundreds of projects every year globally can help to make sure that a newbuild project is completed efficiently and on time.

    Reducing risks during construction can improve the outcome of the project and result in a quicker time to market for the vessel.

    Key benefits
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    • P-63 FPSO
      The P-63, the first FPSO to utilize gas engines to produce more than 100 MWe of power, is one of the new units coming on stream in 2013 helping to increase oil production for Petrobras.

      P-63 FPSO

    • LNG fuelled drilling rig
      Wärtsilä has the technology and the expertise to make a switch to LNG fuel both technically feasible and economically appealing.

      LNG fuelled drilling rig

    • Viking Grace
      A new era in ferry operations was established in 2013 with the launch of the world’s largest Ro-Pax ferry operating on LNG fuel.

      This vessel features four Wärtsilä 50DF dual-fuel engines and a complete Wärtsilä LNGPac system that includes the storage tanks, the fuel supply system, and all equipment needed for bunkering and related safety and automation systems.

      Viking Grace

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