Wärtsilä Moss Nitrogen Generators

Wärtsilä Moss Nitrogen Generators are dependable outlets for nitrogen. As the name implies, these systems are designed to generate, or create, a dry, clean inert gas. The use of nitrogen generators eliminates the problems associated with handling gas cylinders. Our nitrogen generators are designed for their flexibility and efficiency.

Wärtsilä Moss Nitrogen Generators are also designed to deliver various purities in the same system, giving our customers even greater flexibility. We supply niche, supplementary, small volume systems with capacities from 10 to 6000 Nm3/h at purities from 95 to 99.9% nitrogen.

For the offshore market, Wärtsilä Moss nitrogen generation systems supply dry and oil-free inert gas for purging, pressurising, and blanketing functions for various top site applications. These systems consist of two 100% inlet air filters, a pre-heater with thyristor control, separator membranes, an O2 analyser, UCP, and the controls and instruments for safe and automatic operation.

The system is particularly suited for marine and offshore applications, where the demand for high quality and challenging specifications is present. We always adapt to our customer`s needs, and are capable of installing our systems into the most challenging locations.

    What is Inert Gas?

    Inert Gas is a gas or a mixture of gases, such as flue gas, containing insufficient oxygen to support the combustion of hydrocarbons. An Inert condition is a condition in which the oxygen content throughout the atmosphere of a tank has been reduced to 8% or less by volume.

    Spare Parts and Service

    Please send the vessel name, equipment type, serial number (if known), your company details and spare parts requirements to moss-spares@wartsila.com or service requirements to moss-service@wartsila.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

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