Wärtsilä Closed Loop Scrubber System

Wärtsilä exhaust gas cleaning technology is an economical and environmentally friendly solution for tackling all new and existing SOx emission regulations, and provides flexibility and reliable operations wherever you operate. The scrubber system is designed to remove SOx from the exhaust and operates utilising wash water.

The Wärtsilä closed loop scrubber system works continuously in closed loop, which means that one does not need to worry about sea water alkalinity levels. This system is best suited for full time operation in low alkalinity areas (e.g. Great Lakes).

In a closed loop scrubber system, the exhaust gas enters the scrubber and is sprayed with sea water that has been mixed with caustic soda (NaOH). The sulphur oxides in the exhaust react with this mixture and are neutralised. A small bleed-off is extracted from the closed loop and treated to fulfil IMO requirements. Cleaned effluents can be safely discharged overboard with no harm to the environment.

If operation in zero discharge mode is requested, the effluent can be led to a holding tank for scheduled and periodical discharge.


    • Containerships VII
      The agreement made with Containerships Ltd Oy covers the retrofitting of a Wärtsilä closed loop scrubber system in 2011 for the company’s Containership VII vessel.

      Containerships VII

    • Algoma Equinox
      Wärtsilä combined all the elements of a complete tailor-made solution for Algoma.

      “The capability to provide both an integrated equipment package and global service support was a major reason for choosing Wärtsilä.”
      Al Vanagas, Senior Vice President, Algoma Central Corporation

      Algoma Equinox

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