Wärtsilä Auxpac 20

This is a range of medium-speed generating sets running on heavy fuel oil, and based on Wärtsilä 20 engines.


    The Auxpac auxiliary generating sets are supplied as pre-engineered and pre-commissioned standard packages. The common base-frame is optimized for the package, which together with the compact design of the engine and the selected generator, offers unmatched power-to-space and power-to-weight ratios.

    The Wärtsilä Auxpac generating sets ensure the availability of electrical power in sufficient quantity, as and when it is needed. They cover an electrical power output of 500 to 2,800 kWe for either 50 or 60 Hz operation.

    Through modularization, the generating sets can be built to high, comprehensive specifications at a competitive price. Wärtsilä Auxpac generating sets provide easy installation, easy operation, and low operating costs. Other benefits of pre-engineering include readily available documentation, including models in Tribon® format, and short lead-times.

    Wärtsilä provides project management and experienced marine engineering to support the design and installation. Installation and commissioning procedures are standardized and well documented, which reduces the risk of shipyard errors. Auxpac generating sets are offered only as 400V – 50Hz and 450V – 60 Hz in the power range 455 kW to 1600 kW.

    Wärtsilä is continuously developing its products to achieve high environmental performance. The Wärtsilä Auxpac generating sets comply with IMO Tier II MARPOL Annex VI regulations and are supplied with an EIAPP Statement of Compliance.

    A20 - rated power, dimensions (mm) and weights (tonnes)

    60 Hz
    520W4L20 520 4 407 1 700 2 248 13,6
    685W4L20 685 4 457 1 700 2 248 14,3
    760W6L20 760 5 057 1 700 2 248 17,3
    875W6L20 875 5 227 1 700 2 248 17,3
    975W6L20 975 5 227 1 700 2 248 17,7
    1040W6L20 1040 5 227 1 700 2 248 18,0
    1200W8L20 1200 5 852 1 920 2 373 21,3
    1300W8L20   1300 5 852  1 920 2 373 21,3
    1400W8L20 1400 5 852 1 920 2 373 22,4
    1600W9L20 1600 6 507 1 920 2 455 23,4

    Auxpac dimensions
    Pre-engineered medium-speed generating sets

    Wärtsilä Auxpac generating sets are available in a selected range as pre-engineered and pre-commissioned auxiliary generating sets. The common baseframe is optimised for the package, which together with the compact design of the engine and the selected generator, offers unmatched power-to-space and power-to-weight ratios. Other benefits of pre-engineering include readily available documentation, which also includes models in Tribon® format, and short lead-times.

    Main data 60 Hz 50 Hz IMO Tier II or III
    Voltage 450 V 400 V Fuel oil specification:
    700 cSt/50°C,
    7200 sR1/100°F,
    Protection Class IP 23, IP 44* IP 23, IP 44* ISO 8217, cat. ISO-F-RMK 55
    T° rise & isolation Class F Class F
    Cooling Air, water* Air, water* * in option


    Marine solutions drawings

    Conditions for use
    The 2D and 3D models and drawings downloaded (”Marine Solutions Drawings”) are for general guidance purposes only and should not be used for actual projects. Models and drawings for specific projects must be obtained from the appropriate Wärtsilä personnel as there may be deviations from the Downloadable Files.

    File formats
    File formats supported include DXF and PDF for 2D models and IGES, STEP, DXF, SAT and WRML for 3D models. A 2D DXF or PDF should always be used to support the 3D models. The Downloadable Files are subject to changes or improvements by Wärtsilä without notification so please check regularly for new and updated files at www.wartsila.com.

    Wärtsilä takes no responsibility for and disclaims any liability for the contents of the Downloadable Files, including but not limited to omissions, errors, deficiencies, inaccuracies contained therein, and the use or misuse thereof. In no event, shall Wärtsilä be liable for any consequential, special, contingent, or incidental damages or injury, financial or otherwise, suffered by any party arising out of, connected with, or resulting from the use of the Downloadable Files or the information contained therein.

    This website contains information, which is owned by or licensed to Wärtsilä. Wärtsilä shall retain all rights, including copyrights, relating to the information in the Downloadable Files. Reproduction or transmission to third parties is prohibited without prior written approval of Wärtsilä. Copyright © Wärtsilä.

    Legal and Privacy notice


    • Gaschem Nordsee
      Wärtsilä supplied the complete propulsion systems for the Gaschem Nordsee designed for the transportation of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or (LEG) liquefied ethylene gas.

      Gaschem Nordsee

    • Algoma Equinox
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      “The capability to provide both an integrated equipment package and global service support was a major reason for choosing Wärtsilä.”
      Al Vanagas, Senior Vice President, Algoma Central Corporation

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