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Never pay too much again! We have numerous bundled data package deals so you always know what you pay for. For a fixed fee per month you get a large or even unlimited amount data usage for your vessel. Unlimited VoIP. Unlimited movies and music. We even offer unlimited Fleet Broadband usage. And with our bandwidth monitoring devices you can keep track of your usage at all times.

Security Services

In order to prevent users onboard of the vessel to use Internet applications or content not authorized by the shipping company or to access illegal content, the following security services are supported:
  • Application Intelligence and Control Service
  • Content Filtering Service
  • Anti Virus and Anti Spyware Service
  • Intrusion Prevention Service

Internet Access Control

Shipping companies may wish to control the access of the onboard users to the Internet. The Internet Access Control service supports the following features:
  • Registration and authorization of users
  • Logging of Internet access by individual users

Crew Internet Service

In order to control the Internet usage volume and to enable charging of the Internet use, the Crew Internet Service provides the following options:
  • Limitation of the free data volume per month or day
  • Limitation of the free connection time per month or day
  • Prepaid Internet data volume packages

Bandwidth Optimisation Services

In order to minimse the download volume of web sites and the bandwidth utilization for the transfer of large data files, the following services are available:
  • Web Site Compression
  • Store&Forward File Transfer
  • Multicast File Transfer

Euro-Flat Telephony Service (Postpaid)

  • VoIP service  is linked to the Vodafone network and provides Free Calling to the majority of fixed EU telephone networks
  • Call details are provided for each vessel

Prepaid Telephony Service

  • Low charges for long distance calls for crew
  • Prepaid user accounts are created via a web portal

Email Server Hosting

  • Provision of redundant POP3 mail server
  • Redundant Internet connection

Email Security

  • Identification of threats and compliance violations
  • Multi-layer anti-virus
  • Reporting portal with threat identification logs

Email Service

  • Flexible number of accounts (3 included in basic package)
  • Customized subdomain names for the fleet
  • Selectable account names for users
  • Customized storage allowance on email server
  • Optional encryption of mail traffic
  • POP3, IMAP, SNMP email server support

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