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Global VSAT Coverage

Thanks to our multi-branded approach, we can combine hardware and services to give you the best service possible. For instance, a Ku-band VSAT service to give a fast and unlimited data connection in combination with a slower but reliable Fleet Broadband or Iridium connection to keep you connected when the Ku-band doesn’t suffice. In this case, the more expensive Inmarsat network is only in use when needed the most. This way, you’ll always be in touch, no matter where you are. Wärtsilä is your one stop shop for all your connectivity solutions, providing you with a risk-free choice.


  • Global Ku-Band Coverage with full compatibility for HTS Satellites from the Intelsat EPIC platform
  • Capacity on 17 Satellites + 3 scheduled expansions (expected Q4/2017)
  • Network operated over 6 teleports with a secured full backup teleport facility at Bremen
  • Redundant Tier 1 Fibre Connection between teleports

Are you in need of more bandwidth? Or maybe you don’t need as much as you thought? No problem!

Wärtsilä has the most flexible contracts on the market. You can up- or downscale your data bundles whenever you want. Our flexible approach lets you be in control 
of your connection and get the most out of it.

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