at Wärtsilä in the Caribbean

How operations could seem easy during challenging times? With a common vision and transparent dialogue!

July 27, 2020 at 7:00 AM E. Europe Standard Time

For Newmont in Suriname, the key to safety, quality and steady operations is making preventive maintenance a priority, with the support of Wärtsilä. The Merian gold mine Power Station personnel work on a rotation basis, and when the country was about to close borders, we needed to sit together and come to a speedy plan on how to keep the cadence on the preventive maintenance services being carried out at the power plant. 

“We can rely on Wärtsilä, regardless of the challenge” says Tommy Faltmars, Head of Operations at Newmont Suriname Power Station. “We demand a reliable service with top quality and strict safety standards” says Faltmars, who leads a team of 40 professionals for the last 4 years. The company celebrates over 1300 days with zero accidents!

Despite the threat of the pandemic, Merian Gold mine in Suriname enjoyed a top and steady load of the power plant that always provides the electricity to the mine. Due to the excellent relationship with Plant Management and after days of discussion we agreed to send a team of six Wartsila service men on a charter flight to continue the maintenance schedule- two overhauls (16k hours) with Delta Cleaner Upgrade and Preventive Maintenance services, and a 12K hour service to one of the engines. “We have a common goal to keep operations running smoothly despite the current challenges, and thanks to a healthy communication, this daunting task has seemed easy” says Salvador Rivera, Account Manager for Wärtsilä. 

The challenges may come and go, but with a common mission and transparent communication, steady solutions can keep a reliable lifecycle for any power plant operations.

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