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Would you debate against 5 bright young girls from Jamaica?

October 24, 2018 at 8:00 AM E. Europe Standard Time

What do these five young girls from Kingston Jamaica have in common?

A passion for discussing topics such as Climate change, natural gas, global warming and Jamaica’s environmental future. Not only do they have passion for debating, but they also have a look in their eyes that screams “Oh I am going to win this!” …and so they did!

The Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) and West Kingston Power Partners (WKPP) hosted an Energy Debating Competition that began on October 4 and concluded with the Finals Round on October 18, 2018. Altogether, the 8 high schools that participated in the challenge were involved in 3 rounds of intense debating. The fierce girls from Dunoon Park Technical High School were the proud winners. This is a unique type of event that sparks interest in young people to engage, challenge and propose ideas and initiatives towards relevant issues on climate, politics and country topics.

The girls from Dunoon Park Technical High School are Aliya, Tiffany, Jody, Yanique and Alea, with ages ranging from 15 to 17. Although they currently share the passion for debating, their future interests go from medicine to hospitality and cooking. Wherever the future takes them, it is clear that they already have a fearless attitude to take on what the world may bring them.

Wärtsilä, along with other fellow companies, sponsored this fine event hosted by JEP and WKPP. Additionally, JEP and WKPP do many other activities such as coastal clean-ups, re-forestation, health clinics and back-to-school events mostly in their home towns of Old Harbour Bay and the St. Catherine parish, as well as in the inner cities in Western Kingston.

From Wärtsilä, we congratulate the winning debate team for their hard work and look forward to continuing to support our partners in initiatives for the environment and for young minds!

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