at Wärtsilä in the Caribbean

Electrical & Automation Services

Our Electrical & Automation Services cover normal service, maintenance and repair of automation and power systems, but also include upgrade and full modernization solutions to improve the performance and extend the life of your existing assets.

We serve industries like marine, oil and gas exploration and production, drilling, refining, gas transmission, oil pumping and power generation by providing turnkey upgrade, conversion and modernization solutions for both automation and power systems. We also have the experience and capability to carry out extensive upgrade and conversion work on tankers and gas carriers through to packages for FSO, FPSO and FSRUs. For the gas transportation, storage and terminal activities, we also supply our own gauging systems.

In addition, we also carry out service, repair and maintenance on any automation or power systems, including long-term maintenance agreements and obsolescence management. We serve you anywhere in the world through our extensive Wärtsilä service network, and through specialized global engineering hubs.
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