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Engine Services - Optimizing Installation Efficiency and Performance

Engine Services form the core of our activities. We provide complete services for engines and related systems globally, for Wärtsilä and other makes of engines.

Product support
Products and solutions tailored to fit your engine also enable you to get the most out of your engine and installation. OEM parts and components, product information, training courses, technical and field services are available globally through our worldwide network.

Naturally, technical information goes hand-in-hand with our products and solutions and our e-solutions online support covers everything from interactive manuals and spares online to installation performance reports and technical bulletins.

Operational support
Ranging from technical advisory services to condition monitoring our operational support is unsurpassed. With condition monitoring you move the maintenance planning from a scheduled and preventative format to a more flexible and accurate predictive format making maintenance proactive, rather than reactive.

Upgrades and retrofits
Bring new life to older engines and improve engine fuel efficiency. Our dual-fuel and gas conversions bring the advantage of fuel flexibility, lower emissions and performance enhancements. You can also install the latest within safety and control as well as monitoring systems to simplify daily engine operation.

Reconditioning services are available for all engine types and our specialist reconditioning centres hold reconditioned parts for all types of 2-stroke engines. Our environmental solutions are standard on new installations but can often be retrofitted on older engines. E.g. low NOX conversion or NOX and SOX abatement systems help you meet the most stringent environmental targets.

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