Wärtsilä is a market leader in gas and multi-fuel engines, fuel systems, technology and services. We have the expertise and experience with an offering that covers the entire gas value chain - from exploration to end consumers – services and products for all phases of the LNG lifecycle.
With close to 3 decades of experience in gas, over 2000 marine gas engines, millions of operating hours and tens of millions of horsepower, Wärtsilä has a proven track record in gas technology and LNG systems.”
John Hatley, Director, Market Shaping, Merchant & Gas Carrier Segment, Wärtsilä #GasBassador
While operators may be hesitant to make major investments on large-scale vessels and terminals at the moment, small-scale LNG represents a less risky, more flexible alternative, and is the market that is still growing.”
Alexandre Eykerman, Vice President, LNG Solutions, Wärtsilä #GasBassador


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Timo Koponen
We 100% believe in a gas fuelled future and we are here to support you every step of the way.”
Timo Koponen, Vice President, Flow & Gas Solutions, Wärtsilä #GasBassador


    Gas as fuel
    Reetta Kaila
    Product Manager, GasReformer, Wärtsilä

    ’Fuel Gas Quality Control for Gas Mode Operations’
    Methane Number
    Wärtsilä LNG Solutions
    Fredrik Bonäs
    Proposal Manager, Sales Support and Development, Wärtsilä

    ‘Wärtsilä LNG Solutions – the LNG Value Chain’
    Overview of Wärtsilä’s LNG Solutions, Liquefaction Plants, LNG Terminals, summary of the LNG lifecycle chain
    Fuel Flexibility
    Matteo Natali
    Vessels Manager, Marine Applications, Engine Sales, Wärtsilä

    ‘Fuel Flexibility – the next challenge for the Power Generation Industry’
    Industry figures today, fuel flexibility packages, data and applications
    LNG Fuel Marine Adoption
    John Hatley

    Market Shaping, Sales & Marketing, Wärtsilä

    ‘LNG Fuel Marine Adoption; How soon, which routes and vessel types?’
    Ship positioning, range and gas availability, fuel savings, space requirements and LNG fuel adoption rates

    I am often on the ‘speaker circuit’ talking about opportunities for using LNG as a marine fuel. I am therefore thrilled that Woodside is now walking the talk when we announced our plans to operate the first dual-fuelled PSV in Australian waters. The gas fuelled Australian future is not far away!”
    Rob Duncanson, Marine Manager, Woodside Energy Ltd #GasBassador


      We believe Gas is the future of shipping

      The new Shuttle Tanker

      The new Shuttle Tanker concept developed by the world’s largest provider of shuttle tanker services...
      5 December 2017
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      Inland shipping’s day in the sun

      The newest EU directive regarding emission standards puts a heavy strain on the inland shipping industry...
      19 July 2017
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      DEME-d fit for dredging up the future!

      Belgian company DEME and Wärsilä joined forces to build, at 40 MW, the world’s most powerful LNG-fuelled...
      11 July 2017
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      Stall or enthrall?

      Can LNG still enthrall investors as the go-to fuel of the future? Or has the development stalled?
      9 August 2016
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      LNG network expands around the world

      The continued expansion of the global LNG terminal network will ensure access to this key energy source...
      9 August 2016
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      The nuts and bolts

      We can help you store gas next to the rig, outfit carriers to bring it ashore, supply regasification...
      9 August 2016
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      Producing clean fuel and preserving energy

      A gas reforming solution

      During the summer of 2016, Wärtsilä Flow and Gas installed a 1 MW Pilot GasReformer in Bermeo, Spain...
      19 January 2017
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      LNG ferries are here to stay

      Wärtsilä believes that LNG is the future of shipping. And, as concern for the environment continues to...
      24 May 2016
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      The value of expediency around the globe

      Regasifying and storing LNG offshore has allowed customers to import gas without committing to land-based...
      1 March 2016
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      Size matters

      Expanding small-scale LNG with private-sector...

      Private sector participation through the Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) model may hold the key to...
      2 January 2018
      • LNG
      • #GasBassador
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      Decoding small-scale LNG supply contracts

      Pipeline natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) have been readily available in some geographical...
      12 December 2017
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      Powering up the Mediterranean LNG market

      New strict emission legislation will incite power plants and ships operating in and around the Mediterranean...
      1 March 2017
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      Market manoeuvre

      A new fuel needs a new fuel infrastructure; thus far LNG suffers from its absence. Wärtsilä now aims...
      9 August 2016
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      1 + 1 = Win-win

      If your area doesn’t use a large enough volume of LNG to warrant a large terminal, how can you still...
      9 August 2016
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      Small carriers diversify the LNG fleet

      A new breed of LNG consumers has spurred on smaller-scale deliveries. Forward-thinking companies are...
      24 May 2016
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      Operating on gas

      Wärtsilä 31SG, the world's most efficient...

      Wärtsilä's newest engine marks a step change in both efficiency and flexibility, delivering an industry-leading...
      15 November 2017
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      Full LNG solution propels BC Ferries...

      As BC Ferries makes the switch to LNG, Wärtsilä is supplying more than just the equipment – they have...
      5 October 2016
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      A sea-change in improving energy efficiency

      A key theme for the marine industry is to improve energy efficiency. Let’s find out why this is important...
      5 July 2017
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      The small island that thinks big

      Furetank might be a family-owned company operating from a tiny fishing village in Sweden, but it boasts...
      25 January 2017
      • #GasBassador
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      The most feasible way to store large amounts of energy today is through LNG."
      Kari Punnonen, Business Development Manager, Oil & Gas, Middle East, Asia, Wärtsilä #GasBassador
      Kari Punnonen


      White papers

      LNG as a marine fuel boosts profitability...

      The choice of fuel is an increasingly important decision for ship operators, affecting both profitability...
      12 April 2017
      • White paper

      The LNG Logistics chain

      The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of the effect of the LNG logistics on the end-user price...
      3 April 2017
      • White paper

      World's first ethane-powered marine...

      Originally designed to run on LNG, MDO and HFO, the Dragon class vessels were meant to use LNG as fuel...
      27 October 2016
      • In Detail article

      Boil-Off Gas handling onboard LNG fuelled...

      Clean burning natural gas has emerged as an important fuel for ships as the marine industry seeks ways...
      25 April 2016
      • In Detail article

      Back to the future: steam turbine to...

      As per maritime common practice...
      16 August 2016
      • In Detail article

      Optimising the South African power system...

      In accordance with the IRP2010 and Ministerial Determinations, South Africa (SA) will soon embark on...
      11 July 2017
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      Business White Paper - Hybrid propulsion is part of the future for RoPax ferries

      Business White Paper: Hybrid propulsion is part of the future for RoPax ferries

      Green is undoubtedly the colour concept most dominating today’s shipping industry, and nowhere is this more true than in the ferry sector. Environmental considerations are, along with the need to optimize operational efficiency, high on the agenda of ferry operators around the world.

      Hybrid systems are being featured more and more on a variety of vessel types, but are particularly relevant to ferries since they are more likely to be operating within areas covered by strict environmental regulations.

      Download this white paper to get a better understanding of how to select the most appropriate power system configuration for your RoPax or RoRo ferry, not only for today, but for tomorrow as well.

      LNG is currently the main driver of the globalisation of the gas market and we have complete offerings for each step of the gas value chain – from product to entire LNG terminals.”
      Matteo Natali, Senior Project Manager, Digital, Wärtsilä #GasBassador


      Mathias Jansson
      We are making history in this big conversion so it’s not a mature market in terms of technology. Because there is no established way of doing things, we are working continually on new concepts”
      Mathias Jansson, Head of LNG Fuel Gas Systems, Wärtsilä #GasBassador


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