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Offshore Production

Wärtsilä has the capability to take comprehensive responsibility for the delivery and commissioning of integrated solutions for the offshore production market.

Wärtsilä’s integrated projects incorporate marine and oil & gas operational skills, and are based on a wealth of experience and know-how.

Our offering includes complete power generation, vessel positioning, and environmental compliance solutions, including also electrical and automation systems, emission control systems, oil & gas handling, pumping, valves, inert gas systems and water management.

Wärtsilä’s reliable systems have an excellent track record. Reliability is a prerequisite for safe operations and high availability at all times. Our offshore solutions enable drilling rigs and production units to operate smoothly even in remote areas and under the most demanding conditions.

Wärtsilä delivers superior customer value in offshore production through its:

  • Early involvement and knowledgeable support
  • Best-in-class products integrated into complete solutions
  • Comprehensive, integrated technical solutions
  • Extensive experience in project management and site support
  • Global presence, offering worldwide local support and services throughout the vessel’s lifecycle.

    Production Units

    For the offshore production market we deliver integrated solutions for the following types of unit:

    • FPSO
    • FSO
    • FLNG
    • FSRU
    • FSU
    • Semi-submersible platforms
    • Fixed platforms

    Wärtsilä is today the leading power generation provider, with a wide range of engines that are able to be run on various fuels. For example, Wärtsilä’s dual-fuel technology means that engines can be powered by gas straight from the well, whenever possible.

    We offer electric driven crude- and process pumping systems, fire- and seawater pumps, safety controls and emissions reduction systems such as flare gas and hydrocarbon blanketing. We also offer waste water management systems, and separation solutions to enhance production.

    We also supply technology to safely capture and recover VOC onboard FSO to reduce VOC emissions by 100%.

    For FLNG vessels, we offer a modular LNG liquefaction plant, up to 1 MTPA per train, based on nitrogen as the single refrigerant media. We also supply complete LPG and condensate handling systems

    Our offering is supported with engineering services, and responsibility for the complete detailed interface engineering of the EICT (electro, instrument, control and telecom) package.

    Wärtsilä takes on a large part of the overall scope under a single contract. This makes it easier to handle the challenges related to multiple interfaces, and reduces the risk of delays.

    Offshore Support Vessels

    We provide total integrated solutions for all types of offshore support vessels (OSV):

    • AHTS – Anchor handling tug supply vessels
    • PSV – Platform supply vessels
    • OCV – Offshore construction vessels
    • DSV – Diving support vessels
    • Seismic research vessels
    • Jack-up vessels.

    The varying operational modes, conditions and requirements of OSVs require a unique design in order to achieve high fuel efficiency in all situations. Wärtsilä designed OSVs have the highest possible Environmental Regularity Number (ERN), which represents the vessel’s capability for maintaining its position and normal operations under certain weather conditions.

    Within the offshore service vessel market we deliver diesel mechanic solutions, diesel electric solutions and hybrid solutions, depending on the functionality of the vessel. The performance of electrical machinery can be further enhanced through Wärtsilä’s patented Low Loss Concept, which reduces transformer losses in electricity transmission systems. This improves the returns on diesel-electric machinery, making it an even more attractive choice for OSVs.

    In addition, for service vessels we also offer a large range of engine room pumps, valves, sewage treatment systems, and fresh water makers, all designed for easy operation, high efficiency, and quick service turnaround.

    We also provide training and Condition-Based Maintenance, with excellent spare part availability from a wide range of manufacturers.

    Offshore & Special Vessels Ship Design

    See Wärtsilä Ship Design's innovative designs with a cost efficiency focus that are environmentally compliant...

    Service Agreements - Oil & Gas

    For Oil & Gas customers we offer a variety of comprehensive, customised long-term service agreements with measurable and guaranteed benefits.

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    • FPSO Yúum K’ak’ Náab
      BW Offshore FPSO, Yùum K’ak’ Náab is located in the Campeche Sound and adds production to the Maloob and Zaap fields in the Gulf of Mexico.

      FPSO Yúum K’ak’ Náab

    • Petrojarl I FPSO
      In 2001, Wärtsilä supplied the Petrojarl I with two Wärtsilä 18V32DF dual-fuel engines to meet the power production requirements of low emissions and high efficiency.

      Petrojarl I FPSO

    • Petrojarl Cidade de Rio Das Ostras FPSO
      The Petrojarl Cidade de Rio das Ostras was converted into a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel in 2007. This former tanker is now capable of processing up to 15,000 barrels a day. Currently, it is producing oil from the Siri reservoir, some 85 kilometres off the Brazilian coast.

      Petrojarl Cidade de Rio Das Ostras FPSO

    • P-63 FPSO
      The P-63, the first FPSO to utilize gas engines to produce more than 100 MWe of power, is one of the new units coming on stream in 2013 helping to increase oil production for Petrobras.

      P-63 FPSO

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