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Offshore Development

Wärtsilä offers efficient, reliable and environmentally sound solutions for Offshore Service Vessels (OSV) engaged in field development activities. Wärtsilä has the capability to follow an offshore service vessel (OSV) project from the design phase starts and throughout the project's lifecycle.

Wärtsilä delivers proven design, engineering, products and concepts, which we integrate into an environmentally and economically sound total ship solution. Our worldwide service network will provide service and support for the full lifetime of the vessels.

    Our solutions

    Wärtsilä is the world leader in supplying design and propulsion solutions for LNG powered OSVs.

    Our solutions ensure maximum efficiency, reliability and environmental performance and meet or exceed all relevant legislation in areas from waste water treatment to emissions control.

    • Early involvement to find a total integrated solution to optimise your vessel’s performance
    • Knowledgable support in optimising the operations and the total economics of your vessel
    • World-leading expertise in unique and innovative OSV design
    • Reliable and proven products and solutions
    • Unique dual-fuel engine technology enabling flexibility in fuel choice
    • Comprehensive, integrated technical solutions
    • Global presence, offering worldwide local support and services

    Offshore Support Vessels

    We provide total integrated solutions for all types of offshore support vessels (OSV):

    • AHTS – Anchor handling tug supply vessels
    • PSV – Platform supply vessels
    • OCV – Offshore construction vessels
    • DSV – Diving support vessels
    • Seismic research vessels
    • Jack-up vessels.

    The varying operational modes, conditions and requirements of OSVs require a unique design in order to achieve high fuel efficiency in all situations. Wärtsilä designed OSVs have the highest possible Environmental Regularity Number (ERN), which represents the vessel’s capability for maintaining its position and normal operations under certain weather conditions.

    Within the offshore service vessel market we deliver diesel mechanic solutions, diesel electric solutions and hybrid solutions, depending on the functionality of the vessel. The performance of electrical machinery can be further enhanced through Wärtsilä’s patented Low Loss Concept, which reduces transformer losses in electricity transmission systems. This improves the returns on diesel-electric machinery, making it an even more attractive choice for OSVs.

    In addition, for service vessels we also offer a large range of engine room pumps, valves, sewage treatment systems, and fresh water makers, all designed for easy operation, high efficiency, and quick service turnaround.

    We also provide training and Condition-Based Maintenance, with excellent spare part availability from a wide range of manufacturers.

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    • Harvey Gulf
      Wärtsilä powered Harvey Gulf OSVs awarded Workboat of the Year 2015 title.

      Wärtsilä has supplied a fully integrated LNG system for six LNG offshore vessels owned by Louisiana-based Harvey Gulf.

      Harvey Gulf

    • WSD 1000
      “We wanted to ‘Asianise’ the design to make it more suitable for Asia Pacific. Through consultation with our customer Bumi Armada, which has extensive experience in the Asian trade, and Wärtsilä, whom we have been working closely with for over a decade, we decided on the WSD 1000.”
      Leong Seng Keat, CEO, Nam Cheong Holdings

      WSD 1000

    • Platform Support Vessel
      Offshore rigs and production platforms rely on offshore supply vessels for the goods, personnel and construction materials needed for their operations. Wärtsilä Ship Design’s 78m Platform Support Vessel, the ‘ C4577’, is designed and equipped to fulfil these functions, in addition to being a fire-fighting and rescue vessel.

      Platform Support Vessel

    • Maintenance / Work Vessel
      Wärtsilä Ship Design’s 80 m maintenance/work vessel, the ‘C4687’, is of twin engine configuration with a fixed pitch propeller. It is designed and equipped for a wide range of maintenance work and related duties.

      Maintenance / Work Vessel

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