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The world demanded change.

Join the Smart Marine revolution @ Nor-Shipping Hall D, Stand D03-40



4 - 7 June 2019, Oslo, Norway

Join the Smart Marine Revolution! 

There’s Nor-way around it – change is coming! Discover the ground-breaking technologies enabling a sustainable maritime future.

The marine sector stands on the threshold of rapid transformation, driven in part by the emerging technologies that have the potential to truly reshape the world in which we live and operate and most certainly owing to the mounting pressure to cost-effectively meet environmental compliance in line with consumer-driven need for change.

At Wärtsilä, we understand both the complexity of the industry and the need to meet the new realities faced by vessel owners and operators the world over. 

We were at Nor-Shipping to share our vision of a Smart Marine Ecosystem and to demo a host of our products, solutions and systems that deliver on this vision.

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Wärtsilä digital lounge at stand D03-40 where we shared our exciting new solutions, upgrades and the steps you can take today to get Smart Marine-Ready!

Highlights of Wärtsilä during Nor-Shipping 2019

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Wärtsilä's Programme

Tuesday 4th June @ 14.00 - 15.00


Among the topics to be featured at the press conference will be recent developments related to Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine Ecosystem vision, the latest developments and
cities joining the SEA20 initiative launched at SMM 2018, some results of a global analysis of a changing world and its impact on shipping and
the availability and viability of future fuels to de-carbonise shipping.

Wednesday 5th June @ 14.00-15.00 - HAPPY HOUR


“Wärtsilä Navi-Planner – Smart Voyage Optimization
Launching our brand new voyage planning approach that is doing the route planning on the latest electronic charts, optimizes the route for weather and gives the Navigator all needed charts and publications for the next voyage automatically in his ECDIS

Torsten Buessow
presented by
Torsten Büssow, Director Wärtsilä Transas
christopher schroeder
presented by
Christopher Schröder, GM, Sales North Europe

OPERIM – Enabling smarter performance and profitability
Managing the operation of your vessels and fleet is challenging, vessels are geographically scattered and subjected to changing conditions. That’s why Wartsila products will now come digitally augmented and Smart enabled with Operim enabling continuous monitoring, improvements and support.

Nicholas Martin
presented by
Nicholas Martin, Director Digital Offering


Green Shortsea Shipping
Hagland Shipping is focusing on cleaner and more sustainable transport for their vessel Hagland Captain. The vessel shall be retrofitted with a hybrid system including batteries and shore connection for charging. Wärtsilä have developed the technical solutions for the vessel that will be in operation on the Norwegian coast for NOAH.

Oivind W Aanensen
presented by 
Øivind Wendelboe Aanensen, Chief Operating Officer, Hagland shipping

TEEKAY E-Shuttle – The most efficient shuttle tanker
TEEKAY and Wärtsilä have partnered to create a new shuttle tanker concept that’s taking emission-control and efficiency to the next level introducing the new TEEKAY E-Shuttle.


presented by 
Stein Thorsager
, Director, Merchant and Gas Carriers

Sustainable and efficient vessel operations in Antarctica
Aker BioMarine is the only krill supplier that controls the entire harvesting and production process. They have recently awarded Wärtsilä a design contract for a top modern Multifunction Support Vessel that will operate in Antarctica. Wärtsilä will equip the vessel with an integrated propulsion/hybrid system to ensure efficient and sustainable operation.

Eldar Vindvik
presented by 
Eldar Vindvik, Director Fleet Renewal, Aker Biomarine
Thursday 6th June @ 14.00-15.00 - HAPPY HOUR


Become acquainted with the NEW Wärtsilä 14 compact high-speed engine
Wärtsilä 14 is a high-speed, compact engine designed to fit requirements for limited space and weight, lower capital expense, to meet current and future global emissions regulations, and to provide customers with improved efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability.


Greg Young
presented by 
Greg Young, GM Sales, Special and Offshore Vessels

Remote operational Support through Wärtsilä Expertise Centers
The ultimate goal of Wärtsilä Expertise centres is to support the growth of the customers’ businesses over the lifecycle. With remote operational support customers have access to a specific Wärtsilä expertise centre, that ensures optimal performance of the asset. Through analysing the data, and with a remote connection to the vessel’s engine room, an expert can provide advice and assist in troubleshooting.

Johan Sjöblom
presented by 
Johan Sjöblom, Concept Manager, Remote Services


How can you make Water and Waste Systems smarter?
Wärtsilä SMART Water & Waste System combines the broadest portfolio of environmental technologies and process expertise with real-time data collection and modelling. This enables costs savings and the autonomous operation of the system.


Konstantin Tchetchine
presented by 
Konstantin Tchetchine, GM, Business Development, Water & Waste

In a Smart Marine Ecosystem: How Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Can Be Smart
EGCS provide a solution for the lifetime of your vessel. Scrubbing provides a 7-10% CO2 emission reduction compared to refinery desulphurization and effectively remove more than 98% of SOx and transform it to a natural component of sea water.

presented by
Stian Aakre, General Manager, Business Development

How Artificial Intelligence and Experts Optimize Ship Operations
Tue 4th 12:00, Wed 5th 12:00, Thu 6th 12:00

OPERIM – Enabling smarter performance and profitability
Managing the operation of your vessels and fleet is challenging, vessels are geographically scattered and subjected to changing conditions. That’s why Wartsila products will now come digitally augmented and Smart enabled with Operim enabling continuous monitoring, improvements and support.
Tue 4th 15:00, Wed 5th 15:00, Thu 6th 15:00, Fri 7th 12:00

Wärtsilä Ship Design - 3D design tools
We invite you to hear the latest from Wärtsilä Ship Design during our demo session and welcome you onboard on a pelagic freezer trawler to have a quick walk around the bridge, take a look at the trawl deck and enjoy a cup of coffee in the messroom with the help of 3D virtual reality goggles.
Tue 4th 11:00, Wed 5th 11:00, Thu 6th 11:00, Fri 7th 11:00


The NEW Wärtsilä 14 engine on display 

Become aquainted with the new Wärtsilä 14 high-speed engine: the modern, compact and fuel efficient engine in its power range. It serves both propulsion and auxiliary genset applications in the global marine and offshore markets. The engine is an integral element within Wärtsilä´s Smart Marine vision for the future of shipping, whereby optimal efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability will be key pillars in achieving and maintaining profitable operations for ship owners and operators around the world.

Wartsila 14

Wärtsilä Navi-Planner  - live demo of Smart Voyage Planning  

With the new Wärtsilä Navi-Planner we will show live how voyage planning is made smart. Navi-Planner removes the clutter and obstacles in the voyage planning. It streamlines the process of planning and data management because all the navigational data is accessible with a single click of a button. Using one of the world’s largest navigational databases, a safe and efficient route is prepared by our smart technology and available for the Captain’s finalization onboard. See live how Navi-Planner can help you to increase safety and efficiency with optimized voyage planning.

Wartsila Navi-Planner

The smarter way to continuously improve performance and profitability 

Wärtsilä’s Operim – Operational Performance Improvement & Monitoring – provides owners and operators with real-time data on Wärtsilä products and solutions on-board. This enables the implementation of cost-saving operating performance improvements in a continuous and dynamic fashion. Vessels are only as efficient as the way they are operated and inefficiencies can translate into avoidable costs that impair profitability. Operim utilises the latest digital technology to provide the data needed to allow the vessel, and the machinery driving it, to be operated at optimal efficiency at all times. It monitors performance constantly so that adjustments can be made as operating conditions, including external factors such as sea and weather, change.

The smart approach that delivers greater efficiency and lower costs 

Wärtsilä’s Smart Water & Waste treatment system utilises connectivity and data-driven process optimisation to deliver trouble-free operation, compliance with international and local regulations, notable cost savings, and environmental sustainability. To the industry’s broadest portfolio of water & waste solutions, Wärtsilä has now added its in-house competences in digitalisation to create smart solutions that meet the challenging demands of shipping’s emerging new era. Combining advanced treatment technology with real-time data collection and modelling, our systems ensure both better performance and energy efficiency. At the same time, by constant remote monitoring of the systems, maintenance needs can be accurately predicted to avoid unexpected and unplanned downtime.

Wartsila Operim
process smart water and waste system

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