Smart marine ecosystem


5 - 8 November 2019, Rotterdam Ahoy, Hall 2, Stand 2203

Creating a smart marine ecosystem for a sustainable future

The marine sector stands on the threshold of rapid transformation, driven in part by the emerging technologies that have the potential to truly reshape the world in which we live and operate and most certainly owing to the mounting pressure to cost-effectively meet environmental compliance in line with consumer-driven need for change.
At Wärtsilä, we understand both the complexity of the industry and the need to meet the new realities faced by vessel owners and operators the world over.

At this year’s Europort event, Wärtsilä addressed how these customer needs are met by focusing on four specific areas, namely BUILD, OPTIMISE, MAINTAIN and SMART MARINE.
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The NEW Wärtsilä 14 engine on display
Become acquainted with the new Wärtsilä 14 high-speed engine: the modern, compact and fuel efficient engine in its power range. Read more
Live demo of our Fleet Operations Solution by Transas
Our fleet operations solutions puts fragmented services in shipping under one umbrella to lift synergies and improve operational processes. The connected ECDIS gives you significant new opportunities, including a completely new way of voyage and route planning. Read more


Optimise the efficiency and performance of your marine assets.

Expert Insight
Wärtsilä Expert insight is a holistic predictive maintenance service that proactively detects potential issues and provides actionable advice and insight to solve them.


Wärtsilä Marine Services Catalogue
See our wide range of services and solutions in the new Wärtsilä Marine Services Catalogue. From engines, propulsion and electrical and automation systems to service agreements and training services.


Discover your support for planning, availability, exchange parts, price and logistics

Online services
Read more
  • Technical documents with reliable up-to-date product and solution information
  • Spare parts webshop
  • Technical support regarding warranties and claims management
  • Field service information work process, orders and reports
  • Real-time data and insights to monitor the status and performance of contracts, products and services
Repair en overhaul services

  • Global 24/7 network
  • Reliable on expected lead time
  • Confirmation of expected costs
  • High quality reporting
  • Guaranteed latest technical upgrades
  • Easy to deal with: one contact person
  • Hold and witness points during job on rejected parts & additional work
Trident under water services
Underwater services of Trident cover the underwater repair, refurbishment and maintenance of your vessel’s machinery and equipment as well as the propulsion system, seals and hull.


Discover your case for hybrids, alternative fuels, energy savings and smart marine solutions.

Discover how hybrid solutions can reduce your fuel costs 
Hybrid solutions utilising energy storage solutions in combination with mechanical/electric systems will help reducing fuel consumption. How much?  Learn more on the background, how a small energy storage package will drive fuel consumption and running hours down and what this implies for your fleet or specific vessel.

Our specialist will run a personal calculation, based on ton C02/ nm effect and cost effect for hybrids fuels considering extra investment in equipment. 
presented by
Luuk Hijlkema, Account Manager Marine Business
Check how our smart marine technologies can improve your business
The high competition in the marine ecosystem calls for owners, operators and shippers to have full control of their assets and operations in order to secure their success.

Take a moment to discuss your current challenges and compose with us an overview of smart solutions you can adopt; their impact on your balance sheet and how we can connect the different technologies for you to optimise your operations.
presented by
Paul Staal, Sr. Accountmanager Marine Business
Calculate your GHG reductions & energy savings
The need to reduce energy consumption is more evident than ever. Reduction of Green House Gas requires new power solutions that are still under development. Any energy efficiency improvement helps to obtain this target sooner. New systems developed and applied on the youngest generation of vessels have been proven to safe significant fuel cost.

Meet our specialist regarding Green House Gas reduction and energy savings and receive a personalized calculation in accordance with IMO
presented by
Joost Vos, Business Development Manager Propulsion and Power Conversions
Assess what alternative fuels can do for your emissions
The need to reduce energy consumption is more evident than ever. What will be the future fuel for the marine industry? Learn more on the background of Bio- or Synectic- LNG, other Biofuels, hydrogen and methanol and what this implies for your fleet or specific vessel or propulsion equipment.

Influence your CAPEX and OPEX!  Are your interested in what effect alternative fuels have on the operation of  your existing fleet or new build? Or both? Start discovering.
presented by
Dick Heidelberg, General Manager Special Vessels


Saving fuel by increasing the efficiency of the vessel propulsion system
Dry cargo, tankers, container ships and RO-RO vessels. The European short sea fleet consists of around 4.800 ships essential for the transport of freight within Europe. In order to comply with regulations and to stay competitive in the future, optimization is vital. Innovations that reduce costs and optimize the capacity of vessels. Digitalization opens a world of new opportunities in doing just that.

As part of the Europort Masterclass ‘Optimizing efficiency of short sea operations', Luuk Hijlkema | Account Manager Marine Business and Services willgive you insights in saving fuel by increasing the efficiency of the vessel propulsion system.

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