Q&A with Banu Kannu

We recently caught up with Banu Kannu, General Manager for Marketing (MEA), Marine Solutions, Wärtsilä to discuss, among other things, the opportunities for LNG in Australia and our involvement at LNG18.

Q: What will be Wärtsilä’s focus at the upcoming gas-related events in 2016, particularly in the Asia Pacific region?

In one simple hashtag, the answer is #WartsilaKnowsGas – this pretty much sums up our message and our focus. We are there along every step of the gas value chain for our customers right through to full life cycle support.

Q: What's unique about the Australian market?

Australia is unique because there is an abundance of gas available domestically, but currently a large percentage is exported for overseas use and very little of it used for local purposes, both on land and at sea. This is where we see the opportunity for a 100% gas-fuelled Australia – once there is a decision at the legislative & industrial level to utilise the gas for domestic purposes, Wärtsilä can play a big part in the storage, liquefaction, regasification & power generation processes.  

Q: What can delegates expect to find out at the Wärtsilä booth?

Our ideas and our vision for a 100% gas-fuelled Australian future – come and brainstorm with us!

Q: What's the next major event for the Middle East & Asia region and why?

There seems to be an abundance of gas events in the region, which reflects the importance and growing interest in gas – we will be at the 40th IPA in Jakarta, as well as Gas Asia Summit coming up later in the year in Singapore. Bookmark www.wartsila.com/media/events to be kept up-to-date on where, when and what our focus will be!

Q: We are seeing more women taking on technical roles in industrial and engineering companies but the numbers are still very small. How do you think we can change that?

There was a great piece on the Shell website recently on exactly this issue – for me the solution needs to come from all angles, from the companies themselves providing an inclusive working environment; from the women willing to break stereotypes and challenge the status quo and possibly most importantly from the men seeing beyond the gender of a colleague, and instead focusing on the skills and abilities. Sheryl Sandberg’s #LeanInTogether is also an important movement that can help increase representation of women in industry.

Register for the LNG as Marine Fuel meeting at LNG18 here.

LNG as marine fuel
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