Wärtsilä Marine Mastermind

The quest for a game-changing start-up


Paolo Tonon  Check out the LinkedIn profile
Vice President, Head of Maersk Maritime Technology
Paolo has extensive and versatile background in the marine industry and is heading one of the leading knowledge and competence centres in the field. He can be considered to have a unique observation post when it comes to marine innovations.
Craig Eason  Check out the LinkedIn profile
Deputy editor of Lloyd 's List
Craig is one of the most influential marine journalists. He specialises in ship building, ship repair, life cycle and maintenance, environmental technologies, policy and regulatory decisions – you name it!
Christopher Hedvall  Check out the LinkedIn profile
Co-founder Newsreps AB. Chairman Chalmers Ventures AB portfolio companies
Christopher has co-founded, and led +9 technology startups and joint ventures with some of the largest Nordic corporations. Prior experience from management consulting (telecom and aerospace MNEs). He brings experience from business development and venture capital to the jury.
Riku Mäkelä  Check out the LinkedIn profile
Chief Executive Officer, Slush
Riku is an avid fan of startups, novel technologies and business models, and is passionate about helping forward the next generation of great world-conquering businesses.
Pierpaolo Barbone  Check out the LinkedIn profile
President of Services, Executive Vice President, Wärtsilä
Pierpaolo has been almost 20 years in Wärtsilä and has long experience in the marine and energy industry. Pierpaolo can be considered as Wärtsilä’s digitalization ambassador who has genuine interest towards new things.
Atte Palomäki  Check out the LinkedIn profile
Executive Vice President, Communications & Branding, Wärtsilä
Atte has experience in the world of media and marketing, and in effectively managing the digital disruption of communications. He also brings the jury expertise in branding and positioning innovation toward the markets.
Mikko Tepponen  Check out the LinkedIn profile
Director, Digitalisation, Wärtsilä
Mikko is a true believer of digitalization. He has a strong background in making digitalization a reality in traditional industry, and has a good eye for new development opportunities in the field.
Tero Hottinen  Check out the LinkedIn profile
General Manager, Business Innovation, Wärtsilä
By being responsible of global innovation activities in Services, Tero is the man behind the contest. If you want to know how an embodiment of start-up spirit in a corporation looks like, then look no more.
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