Wärtsilä Marine Mastermind

The quest for a game-changing start-up


The 30-day agile “Innovation Lab” co-creation together with Marina Ahoy Ltd, Shift Actions and Wärtsilä experts has now been completed. The idea was developed into a business concept and a prototype on how similar approach that Marina Ahoy is doing for leisure marina’s could be utilised in commercial and industrial shipping business. The concept could serve a vast amount of stakeholders (e.g. vessels, ports and suppliers) within the whole port ecosystems, both locally and globally. The outcome is a prototype concept called EasyPort.


“We were definitely picking the right solution to take into the lean innovation lab. It seems that Marina Ahoy’s idea can indeed be pivoted into commercial shipping business, and is something that can really be a disruptor within that field. The solution has significant potential and could even become a new way of working for certain parts of port operations. And the beautiful thing is that it is directly scalable into global business after one receives adequate amount of critical mass behind it” says Tero Hottinen, GM, Business Innovation.

Hannes Koppel, CEO, Marina Ahoy Ltd, is pleased with the result. “The conceptualisation made by Shift Actions really make the solution more understandable, feels like it all is in place already and we just could go and sell this”. He also encourage other start-ups to take the chance to participate in these type of contests “just go for it” Hannes encourages.

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