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Wärtsilä Marine Mastermind

The Wärtsilä Marine Mastermind innovation contest was launched in connection with the Slush start-up event in November 2015, in order to build closer relationships with international start-up companies, encouraging them to use their imaginations and discover the opportunities for innovation offered by the marine industry. The contest resulted in 47 applications from 17 locations around the globe. Among these five finalist were selected to pitch their ideas to the jury. The finalists included novel data analytics tools and methodology, structural shape monitoring technology, a fuel-saving routing solution, and a spectral sensor system that measures the chemical composition of solids, liquids and gases. Besides the winner and finalists we are also having discussions on direct collaboration with a handful of the other applicants.



The winner Marina Ahoy Ltd which hails from Estonia, is developing a customer service touchpoint for marinas and a convenience tool for sailors. The innovative tool offers sailors and marinas a real-time connection that helps automate routine tasks and can therefore enable marinas to operate around the clock. The winners will get the chance to develop their idea further together with Wärtsilä’s experts and Shift Actions Oy. The sprint is focused on the challenges of innovation, development of the concept for commercialisation, its prototyping as well as the business plan and its implementation plan. It will commence during the first half of 2016. The goal is to use the concrete idea in the future together with Wärtsilä.


Wärtsilä Marine Mastermind finalists

Marina Ahoy

Marina Ahoy is a management and sales tool for leisure marinas. The product is a point of sale for marinas and a convenience tool for sailors. Real-time connectivity with the sailors automates routine bureaucracy and opens marinas for 24/7. When expanded also into commercial shipping, the solution could act as an enabler business model disruption for port ecosystem similarly like, e.g., has done for hotel business.


SeaEnergy has developed a process to reduce the levelised cost of energy in offshore maintenance and operations via meta-heuristic modelling of potential vessel routes. The vessel routing optimization finds the optimal solution among the millions of available routes in seconds. The solution can be used for dynamic planning of access to offshore oil & gas or wind farm assets where maintenance costs can be extremely high due to access challenges.


Aikumo has a unique set of data analytics products and tools based on a patented machine learning technology. This novel and intelligent analytics methodology differs from other state-of-the-art solutions by enabling very efficient detection of even totally hidden information in enormous as well as scarce sets of data. These product and tools can be applied in marine environment, e.g., to enable optimization of vessel or power transmission line performance, predictive maintenance of equipment, and even preventing fatal breakdowns from occurring.


Fibersail is a structural shape monitoring system based on fiber optics technology, and NASA latest developments to measure the entire shape, bending and movement of any structure. With easy and simple integration, the system gives possibility for real-time monitoring of different vessel elements like hull and propulsion shaft. The solution enables preventing fatigue and damages to structures, and hence increases the lifetime of the equipment and decreases the downtime of the vessels.

Spectral Engines

Spectral Engines has developed a novel, compact, robust, and inexpensive measurement sensor technology that could serve as a basis for measurement systems capable of measuring the quality and quantity of chemical components in solids, liquids and gases. In marine applications this information can be used, e.g., in real-time monitoring of fuel composition leading into constantly optimized engine operation and in condition monitoring of different related liquids like lubricants.




Tero Hottinen, GM Business Innovation, Wärtsilä

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