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The threat of a cyber attack is one of the most prominent business risks to any company’s information and operation systems. With the rapid digitalisation of the marine industry and increased use of integrated systems and software on ships and mobile offshore platforms, cyber security is becoming critical, not only for data protection, but also for reliable and safe marine operations.

All intelligent devices are potential targets for viruses, hacking and other malware attacks. Wärtsilä takes this threat very seriously. Our security approach in adopting cutting edge technology and industry best practices, is aimed at safeguarding all our products and service operations throughout their lifecycle, and developing the resilience required to defend against any form of cyber interference.

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Cyber security fitness assessment

Assess your cyber security fitness. To understand the status and most important threats to your organisation, business and brand, we encourage you to take a small “Cyber security fitness assessment”.

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Elements involved in cyber security

People: The delivery of secure and resilient products begins and ends with the ‘human factor’. Wärtsilä carries out regular cyber security training sessions and awareness campaigns to make employees aware of this risk. Field service personnel and engineers are specifically trained and certified on ICS security, ensuring the provisioning of secure services aimed at raising awareness, and at detecting and mitigating risks.

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Processes: A comprehensive cyber security approach cannot depend on technology alone. This is why, we have defined and implemented rigorous policies and procedures to address security governance and management of the entire IT/OT domain.

Wärtsilä is aligning product and service development with ICS security standards and marine security guidance to ensure data security and safe operations are always top-of-mind and embedded into practices and procedures throughout our ecosystem of customers and partners.


Technology: Wärtsilä is carrying out a comprehensive security development programme with dedicated internal highly skilled security teams, working in close partnership with top cyber security consulting firms. Security is deeply rooted in our DNA and the constant development and evolution of products and services is our primary focus.

We are committed to protecting your assets throughout their lifecycle. To make sure we deliver on our promise, we conduct constant risk assessments, reviews and security testing of all our products and solutions to ensure their resilience to threats of this nature.

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We deliver cyber security as a service to our customers!”

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