Wärtsilä Performance optimised by Eniram

Wärtsilä Performance uses Wärtsilä Platform installed onboard your vessels and integrated with other onboard systems, such as the bridge and automation systems, to collect real-time performance data.

Wärtsilä Performance monitors and offers guidance on the energy management in real time. It is a decision support tool for the officers to optimize the vessel’s energy management in order to save fuel. Ultimately Wärtsilä Performance enables precision understanding where and why the energy is consumed. All relevant energy flow parameters are collected and visualized in Wärtsilä Performance. The KPI view enables later scorecard reviews. All data collected will be available for review based on voyage and voyage. Furthermore all parameters can be monitored in real-time. Apart from energy KPIs Wärtsilä Performance visualizes operational KPIs for tracking nautical and engineering execution.

The detailed view enables the officers to make a “deep dive” into a specific element in the vessels energy management. In addition, the officers can compare KPIs with each other to discover possible issues.

Wärtsilä Performance stores all collected data and thus it is also possible to review the data after voyages daily, monthly or annually.


    Key benefits

    • Enables deep and complete understanding of a vessel’s energy management
    • Increased vessel energy management performance
    • Using normalized kpis the officers are capable of testing and improving practices
    • Kpis are also available onshore enabling transparent communication

    The Insight Factory

    How it works

    The Insight Factory

    Wärtsilä continuously collects data from automation systems such as fuel flows, generator load, and generated power, which is combined with SFOC data.

    The data is continuously analyzed by Wärtsilä’s advanced mathematical models tailored to each unique vessel to idenfity the optimum engine and fuel combination for the given operational mode.

    The optimal fuel and engine combination is displayed on the bridge and the teams are kept up-to-date with Wärtsilä Fleet and reports.


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