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Voyage Efficiency
Optimizing your operational voyage performance

Voyage Efficiency

With the shipboard environment becoming increasingly complicated, it’s no longer enough to just optimize the engines, trim, or route in isolation. Instead, you need to look at your vessel as a whole to find the most efficient combinations for all onboard variables, along with weather, sea state, and other factors like ECA/SECA zones.

We support you by bringing an unprecedented level of transparency to your operations. With our solutions, you not only see what’s happening onboard each of your vessels in near real time, you also get concrete insights that help the crew make the best possible decisions. In our experience, increased transparency between onboard and onshore operations leads to better collaboration for planning and execution – which in turn translates into greater cost savings and even better decision making.

Optimizing voyage and operational performance results in concrete savings. You benefit from enriched data and analytics that help you to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the planning of future voyages.

  • Aggregate voyage performance kpi’s that are comparable across your fleet, including fleet ranking by excess consumption and costs
  • Improve voyage performance through diagnostics and by reducing the manual workload associated with report consolidation
  • Get a fuel-consumption breakdown to realize up to 10% savings per voyage – and a realistic view on areas for improvement, resulting in better budgeting accuracy and target setting

Harnessing digitalization to ease reporting and improve efficiency

At Wärtsilä, we create solutions that adapt to your organization by offering real-time decision-making support tools for both onboard and onshore personnel.

Our performance analysis capabilities enable our customers to efficiently and reliably collect, monitor, and report key EU MRV related metrics in a compliant manner – including fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, distance travelled, time spent at sea, and other energy efficiency indicators required by EU regulation.

Voyage efficiency

Services for voyage efficiency optimization

Wärtsilä Trim

Reduce operational costs and fuel use by optimizing trim in real time 

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Wärtsilä Speed

Get RPM recommendations for just-in-time arrival and maximized fuel efficiency 

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Wärtsilä Route

Visibility and ability to optimize engine combinations and fuel types 

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Wärtsilä Performance

Analyze and track the total energy efficiency of a vessel

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Wärtsilä engine for LNG

Get visibility and ability to optimize engine combinations and fuel types

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Wärtsilä Mobile

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