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Fleet Efficiency
Increasing your fleet-wide situational awareness

Fleet Efficiency

The shipping industry continues to face pressure from a variety of different sources. Measures like the MRV directive are steering companies to adopt new technologies to ensure compliance. Meanwhile, there is a continued need to improve efficiency in a highly competitive market suffering from overcapacity.

Digitalization and connectivity are seen as part of the solution to these problems. The consensus is that data needs to be collected – the problem is that validation and filtering of this data is missing. The end result is vast quantities of information that is of little or no practical use. We address this issue by delivering actionable insights about your vessel’s performance while minimizing investment and the need for onboard installations.

Better situational awareness enables a top-down, fleet-wide approach to improving energy efficiency. In easy-to-digest dashboards you get an overview of your fleet’s activities around the world, including vessel location and KPIs, combined with the latest weather and sea-state information.

  • Increase fleet-wide situational awareness and transparency as well as improve communication between onshore and onboard personnel, through a single online interface
  • Use independent analytics to improve operational and commercial decision-making and make reporting more efficient via automation
  • Take advantage of robust tools for self-service fleet performance analysis

Wärtsilä Skylight optimised by Eniram comes at a monthly subscription fee, which includes everything from shipment of the transponder to the vessel, the data traffic, reporting and the software interface.

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Improve efficiency and compliance while minimizing investment

Wärtsilä Skylight

Wärtsilä SkyLight is a fleet performance-monitoring tool delivered as a service and supplied with portable hardware. It offers a cost-effective but highly accurate fleet performance monitoring solution for vessel owners, operators, or charterers who want to accurately track their fuel spend and optimize vessel operations.

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