Wärtsilä LNG Bunkering and Fuel Gas
Supply System Simulator

Strengthen your training centre’s competitive edge using advantages of 3D realistic LNG Bunkering simulator with automated training scenarios



Suitable for the IGF code training    

Certified for basic/advanced training
in line with STCW requirements


Be prepared for undesirable

Alarms, shutdowns, leakages, disconnection of hoses,
overfilling and/or overpressure in tanks


Run scenarios—practice independently

Perfect for systems familiarization,
refresher trainings, self-training


Easy to set up and scalable 

Different configurations:
lap-top, classroom, full-mission configuration

Use the full scope of simulation of the LNG Bunkering model

LNG Bunkering Fuel Supply System Simulator thumb

Bunkering station

LNG Bunkering Fuel Supply System Simulator thumb

Tank connection space with the fuel gas preparation equipment

LNG Bunkering Fuel Supply System Simulator thumb

Dual fuel engines with gas valve unit

LNG Bunkering Fuel Supply System Simulator thumb

Nitrogen system

LNG Bunkering Fuel Supply System Simulator thumb

Ventilation system

LNG Bunkering Fuel Supply System Simulator thumb

Gas and fire detection systems

LNG Bunkering Fuel Supply System Simulator thumb

Process control automation system

LNG Bunkering Fuel Supply System Simulator thumb

Emergency shutdown (ESD) system/Safety system



The LNG Bunkering simulator is qualified for usage in basic and advanced IGF code training according to STCW 2010 Manila amendments Code for the normal operational conditions and emergency response.
The LNG bunkering simulator is also certified by ClassNK to comply with STCW 2010 Manila amendments Code A/ Table A-V/3-1 and A-V/3-2.  
  • Table A-V/3-1 Specification of a minimum standard of competence in basic training for ships subject to the IGF Code
  • Table A-V/3-2 Specification of a minimum standard of competence of advanced training for ships subject to the IGF Code


Training objectives

  • Familiarisation with LNG bunkering and fuel gas supply system 
  • System layout and flow diagrams
  • Taking fuel tanks in and out of service
  • LNG bunkering procedures
  • LNG fuel storage and securing
  • LNG fuel delivery to the engines
  • Control System, Automation, Alarm and Safety System
  • Watchkeeping and Troubleshooting
  • Emergency Response


Purchase options


Wärtsilä LNG Bunkering simulator is available for one-off sale and for the annual subscription, depending on the customer preferences.  
Wide range of service and warranty options are available for the customer of TechSim 5000 simulators, including delivery and installation services, software and equipment upgrades, remote support, information and training services.  



The system enables various configurations, depending on the customer’s needs.There is a possibility to order a customized model, corresponding to the customer’s system, enabling type-specific training, case-studies, and prediction of system behavior.

Make sure you can respond to the demand
of the most advanced customers

As the move towards LNG fuel gathers pace in the marine industry, it is essential that crews are thoroughly and expertly trained on handling the related systems. This new simulator is designed to raise training levels on LNG bunkering and supply systems, and will therefore also raise onboard safety levels.

Sergey Tarasov, Solutions Manager, Wärtsilä Voyage Solutions


Detailed physical modeling, including the following effects:

  • LNG thermodynamics and phase transition in tanks, piping, heat exchangers
  • LNG composition corresponds to the selected source of bunkering
  • LNG weathering due to boil-off process in the tank
  • Dilution of fuel gas with nitrogen, used to purge the system
  • Methane number and Lower Heating Value affecting the engine operation 
diagram 1 diagram 2
diagram 3

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