Wärtsilä Ice Navigation Simulator

The Transas NTPRO 5000 navigational simulator enables vessel navigation training in cold weather conditions (below 0°C) and/or in ice-infested areas, including safe handling of ship equipment and ice-related information, and reducing the possibility of accidents at sea.


  • Analysis of received weather and ice-information
  • Voyage planning in ice covered areas
  • Taking command of the vessel in cold climatic conditions/in ice
  • Ice accretion risk assessment
  • Piloting the vessel in different ice-types and ice conditions
  • Various port operations in ice-infested ports

    • The ice navigation module, developed jointly with the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute and Krylov State Research Centre, enables procedural crew training for:
    • Mooring to Single Point Mooring (SPM);
    • Proceeding in broken ice, along a solid ice edge, bumping against an ice edge, in open pack ice, in ice holes and in patches of ice-free water;
    • Following an icebreaker (watch service procedural training for maintaining one’s position in a convoy and maintaining communication between the ship, icebreaker and other ships in the convoy);
    • Using radar information while sailing in ice conditions;
    • Using the ice chart in ECDIS.

    The NTPRO 5000 simulator system is designed to meet IMO Convention requirements and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) standards:

    STCW 2010 Section B – Guidance regarding training of masters and officers for ships operating in polar waters;

    DNV Standard for Certification no. 3.312, “Competence of Officers for Navigation in Ice”, October 2008;

    The simulator is approved by DNV as Bridge Operation Simulator Class A with class notation “Integrated simulator system, NAUT AW (SIM), DYNPOS – AUT (SIM), HSC, TUG, ICE, AHTS” and Dynamic Positioning Simulator Class A as per the latest edition of Standard for Certification of Maritime Simulators No. 2.14 January 2011.

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