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Fleet operations solution

highest level of safety at sea with maximum fuel efficiency

Increase safety, efficiency and compliance of your fleet in one go with

Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution

Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution saves costs and increases safety by automatically optimising route, providing the fullest and latest voyage data, while keeping the onboard and onshore parties informed and notified


From ECDIS to integrated voyage planning

The connected ECDIS gives you significant new opportunities, including a completely new way of voyage and route planning: the computer can plan a route through the actual charts, weather optimize it,  allows you to finetune and hazard-check it, download all needed charts and publications and auto-creates a voyage plan.


From e-Navigation to integrated fleet operations

The benefits of a connected ECDIS significantly extend to the onshore teams: Full and real time onshore visibility of vessel route and position, nautical awareness, near miss and incident response, vessel and voyage efficiency as well as inbuild connection to Ports.


From voyage efficiency to fleet efficiency

Connected vessels allow a very effective way of improving a whole fleets performance, not just a single voyage. Computerised notifications search all incoming data for pre-defined anomalies and improvement areas, enable the office staff and crew to focus on key items and have them tackled right away.

Integrated Route Planning
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Replace a puzzle of components from different suppliers with the all-in-one workspace — Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Centre

Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Centre is an integrated service to help fleet operators increase safety & awareness of voyage planning and execution. The solution brings vessel, manager, operator and port working together in a transparent environment supported by AI. Fleet Operations Centre provides control of the whole voyage while fostering safety, awareness and efficiency.

  • Be aware of changes in weather conditions through playback and play ahead
  • Keep on top of environmental compliance and navigational warnings by combining additional chart information layers
  • Focus on those vessels which require your attention
  • Get extended situational awareness through mirrored information from the onboard equipment
  • Drill down to the pin-point situations where further investigation is needed
  • Understand WHAT happens and WHY

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SmartLog: Focus on navigation instead of administration

Wärtsilä SmartLog is a mobile app which processes the data extracted directly from ECDIS and the connected digital data services. The app allows to reduce administrative burden on the crews and streamline reporting.

SmartLog features:

  • Position Reporting - Noon, Departure, Arrival and Bunkering Reports are pre-filled.
  • Ship Master Data - The vessel’s particulars and machinery details are configured.
  • Charterparty Compliance - While ensuring compliance with environmental reporting standards, SmartLog also provides evidence that crew are following contractual obligations.

SmartLog allows convenient time stamp collection and live transmission of events, for example, crossing into a MARPOL zone.

BridgeMate: Situational awareness, decision support and docking aid via one app

Situational awareness, decision support and docking aids are already available in one app. Meet Wärtsilä BridgeMate, a smart back-up and decision support tool to enhance your safety and efficiency onboard.
With only one app you can:

  • Get a smart extra back-up bridge station in case of emergency
  • Enhance safety with navigational hazards warnings
  • Use the effective navigation decision support tool within the WiFi coverage
  • Consult the berthing assistant on wings without any stationary conning display

Cyber security is ensured via the certified firewall (Translink). When offline, the application operates via the built-in GPS (in case of the main navigational system blackout).

Measure your vessel’s fuel flow with ZERO hardware investments

Virtual fuel flow is the technology within Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution proposal. It provides an aggregated fuel consumption measurement, obtained via Wärtsilä SmartLog, to high-frequency readings of fuel flow, which would otherwise require installation of a measuring device (flow meter). Hence, with the virtual fuel flow, you get the same output as the flow meter – with no hustle (added cost of sensors & integrations, calibration issues, errors, noise).

In fuel flow decomposition, the solution combines (virtual) fuel flows with environmental data (wind, sea state), vessel draft and speed, vessel particulars and general naval architecture principles (for example, relationship between propulsion power and wind resistance).

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Fleet Operations Solution puts fragmented services in shipping under one umbrella to lift synergies and improve operational processes


How it works
  • Route planning happens on latest nautical charts resulting in a route always safe to sail
  • Built-in weather optimisation to find safe and most fuel efficient route
  • Data and charts are automatically delivered, no ordering, no USB
  • SmartLog allows ship-to-shore reporting with most data already pre-filled
  • A mobile tablet on board is used for SmartLog and 
    'take me home' ECDIS backup
  • Real time vessel and fleet tracking (no AIS holes)
  • Advanced Eniram vessel digital twin to enable further optimisation opportunities

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Hardware agnostic solution

Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution could be used with 3rd party ECDIS. In this case Wärtsilä delivers Planning Station on PanelPC. Route Planning Station Navi-Planner is the central onboard hub for voyage planning, route optimization, charts and data delivery.

Enabling mobility, scale & focus

The solution can support a single traveling superintendent with a tailored mobile app or run a full fleet operations center, which becomes commonplace in many large shipping companies. The full solution is notification-driven, the users get notified on all items they want to see, be they navigational, vessel performance, data quality or maintenance issues.


Flexibly selectable modules can be combined for each shipping company's needs

FOS Components
Bridge Mobile / Tablet application
Bridge Mobile / Tablet application
A modern tablet for onboard use serves as “take me home”/ back up ECDIS solutions, holds our SmartLog data collection tool and gives decision support for the crew
Navi-Radar, a modern S-band and X-band radar is a standard on many vessels world wide
Route Planning Station
Route Planning Station
Navi-Planner is the central onboard hub for voyage planning, route optimisation, charts and data delivery as well as data collection, it can run next to all ECDIS types or is an integral part of the Transas ECDIS
The Transas Navi-Sailor ECDIS is the industry leading ECDIS with 35% of world fleet using it
Communication link
Communication link
The connected ECDIS allows a new world of functionalities. We use the existing V-SAT or Fleet Broadband on the vessel but also supply integrated communication packages as part of Fleet Operations Solution
Charts, Publications, Weather
Charts, Publications, Weather
Official navigational charts, ENP, ADPs, IMO-Publications, tide tables and always the latest weather forecast are integral part
Tracking & Awareness
Tracking & Awareness
Track the fleet in real time. See planned routes and deviations. Get notified and replay, incidents and near-misses. Forecast vessel schedule. All whilst having up-to-date charts, weather, regulatory information. 
Compliance & Reporting
Compliance & Reporting
Utilise already collected data to automate and simplify regulatory compliance and reporting (IMO DCS, EU MRV). Get continuous visibility of charter-party performance analysed according to industry standards. Have instant access to fleet and voyage reports via live dashboards without additional effort for crew or onshore personnel
Voyage & Ports
Voyage & Ports
Collaborative voyage planning, monitoring and benchmarking of voyages for optimum efficiency (route, speed profile and just-in-time arrival and systems usage). Directly connect to ports via our inbuilt Sea Traffic Management (STM) component
Hull & Engine
Hull & Engine
Monitor vessel technical efficiency enabling proactive interventions (e.g. hull cleaning and docking intervals). Track performance consistently with ISO 19030 principles. Benchmark vessel speed-fuel performance at normalised conditions against different parameters (vessel class, coating type, engine, etc.)
Online and remote training options for type specific trainings for Wärtsilä / Transas equipment
Remote Maintenance from our network operations center prevents failure, allows online problem solving and reduced service engineer needs onboard

Cyber security

Fleet Operations Solution facilitates your ability to keep your data and connected systems secure, both ashore and onboard, through the cloud services.

Security compliant cloud platform

  • Identity control
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Security applications
  • Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 
  • VPN
  • Firewall IEC 61162-460 standard approved

LAN business segmentation

  • Business and private network segmentation with traffic priority control

Data security validation

cyber secure solution
Keep your vessels fit
Mobile Applications Onboard

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