Streamline vessel operational

reporting processes to successfully manage and operate fleets...

Wärtsilä SmartLog

Plausibility checks, process logics, customised reporting are now automated

Increased demand in operational and environmental reporting due to the EU MRV, IMO DCS, EEXI regulations, generates the need in the reduction of manual efforts on data input. Today meeting the company and regulatory standards is possible without additional effort - with Wärtsilä SmartLog app.

Wärtsilä SmartLog collects all the necessary data compliant with standards like EU-MRV and IMO DCS. By aggregating Wärtsilä SmartLog data with Cloud computing, Fleet Operations Solution offers a holistic view on the vessel overall performance and its improved potential.

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Compliance & ReportingMRV/DCS reporting to authoritiesCharterparty and fuel compliance analysis
Hull & MachineryMonitoring of engine and auxiliary system operationsFleet performance benchmarking and degradation analysis
Voyage & PortsCreation of high-end resolution fuel simulation models for onboard and onshore voyage planning and execution optimisation purposesVoyage review and benchmarking analytics

How Wärtsilä SmartLog streamlines reporting procedures


Data collection through Wärtsilä SmartLog enables a wide range of Wärtsilä FOS performance modules to unlock further savings. For example, Wärtsilä SmartLog data can be used to monitor charterparty performance, or to help optimise hull cleaning cycles.


Report pre-filling

Wärtsilä SmartLog data from ECDIS and Navi-Planner plus advanced business logics prepare more than 50% of the content: Navigational data, Fuel remaining on board and more.


Fuel compliance proof

All fuels consumed in each engine, including type and quality, can be accurately traced on bunker lot level, back to when and where it was taken onboard.


Data quality features

Wärtsilä SmartLog allows plausibility checks and process logics, report correction and re-sending.


Customised reporting formats

Reports consider vessel type and individual equipment setup; different default content sizes are available.


Reference framework

Vessel particulars and engine setup, hull maintenance events and charterparty information are collected - to enable integral analytic functions and benchmarking.

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How does Wärtsilä SmartLog reporting work?

All core elements of a modern reporting are combined in one tool to cover various operational and compliance requirements.


Event-based live transmission of timestamps forms the basis for the reporting structure by automatically attached forms

(Noon) Position
Stoppages (anchoring / drifting)
Sea passage, Pilotage and deviation stages
(S)ECA/HRA transits - and more…


Position and bunkering Reports for MRV/DCS compliance and operational fuel performance data collection are attached to the relevant timestamps

Reports are created automatically based on connected timestamps
Pre-filling with navigational data and logic-based content applies
Bunkering Reports are plotting the sourcing of fuel, including BDN details


Vessel and content information form a strong framework for voyage analytics

Vessel particulars and equipment
Charterparty information
Hull-maintenance events (e.g. drydocking or hull-cleaning)


The data collected with Wärtsilä SmartLog is processed with smart algorithms to create dynamic digital twin models and displayed in the performance modules of Wärtsilä FOS

Compliance and reporting
Hull and machinery
Tracking and awareness
Voyage and ports


Ensure straightforward, stress-free ship-to-shore reporting and environmental compliance with Wärtsilä SmartLog

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