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Technology tailored for LNGC

Efficient and flexible solutions

Technology tailored for LNG carriers

Efficient and flexible solutions

At Wärtsilä, we have set our sights on an ambitious goal. We believe that with our experience, know-how and broad portfolio of products and services, we can lead the industry's transformation towards a smart and sustainable marine ecosystem. But making this vision a reality will require much effort as businesses navigate the waters of an evolving market and make many complex decisions at the same time. As your partner, we are here to ensure that your business enjoys smooth sailing towards its ambitious goals. See how we can make your LNGCs even more efficient and reliable with integrated systems and care-free lifecycle operations.

LNGC Tech Talks

Watch our Tech Talk webcast series and discover how the current LNGC vessel concepts can be bridged to our vision of the future-proof LNGC and the value it provides to vessel owners and operators alike.


Bridging current LNGC vessel concepts to the future

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Optimised Operations of LNGCs

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Gaining the right Energy Efficiency for LNG Carriers

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Gas Solutions for LNG Carriers

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Bridge and Navigation Solutions for LNG Carriers

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Lifecycle Solutions for LNG carriers

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Integrated solutions to boost your LNG Carrier operations

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In today's legislative and economic environment, both shipowners and operators have to get the most out of their assets. This goal can be achieved by optimizing their economic and environmental impact. For LNGCs, improvements in energy efficiency translate directly to increased profitability and more sustainable operations. Ranging from optimisation of engine and propulsion systems to the latest advancements in digital technologies and data intelligence, the available solutions are an effective way of future-proofing operations of individual vessels as well as entire fleets.


With a range of potential options to choose from, the future of the marine fuel market is not yet set in stone. But shipowners and operators cannot, and more importantly, do not have to wait with investment decisions. They can opt for increased fuel flexibility and come prepared for whatever the future holds. State of the art technology enables the adoption of clean fuels while relying on proven and trusted combustion engines. Furthermore, it also ensure compliance with emissions regulations and introduces potential cost savings too.


The future of the marine market is becoming more and more complex. And so are the investment decisions that shipowners and operators are faced with in order to future-proof their vessels. The search is on for intricate equipment solutions that can provide improved energy efficiency or the flexibility needed to utilize alternative fuels. What is more, the components needed to achieve this goal need to work perfectly on their own, but optimally also offer overall performance exceeding the sum of the individual parts - an achievement possible to obtain through integration.

Products & Services


Wärtsilä 34DF

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Hybrid Solutions

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Power systems

Shaft generators

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Wärtsilä EnergoProFin

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Air Lubrication System

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Fleet operations solution

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NACOS Platinum

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Wärtsilä Inert Gas Systems

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Wärtsilä BOG Reliquefaction

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Lifecycle solutions

Lifecycle Solutions

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Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions for LNG...

Looking at the benefits that Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions offer for LNG carriers
17 May 2021
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Digital navigation, safety and optimisation...

How digital solutions can help improve safety, efficiency and sustainability in LNG carriers
6 May 2021
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A deep dive into gas solutions for LNG...

Benefits of Wärtsilä’s Compact Reliq™ reliquefaction system, inert gas systems, boiler system and gas...
3 May 2021
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Air lubrication systems and propulsion...

Leading experts talk about solutions to increase the propulsion energy efficiency of LNG carriers.
26 April 2021
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Advanced solutions for increasing operational...

In the second of our tech talks, Jeremy Crossman, Sales Excellence & Coaching at Wärtsilä Marine Power...
19 April 2021
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LNG carriers – the future is flexible

As global LNG production continues to grow, the industry is turning its thoughts towards the next generation...
30 March 2021
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La Mancha Knutsen
Reduced engine running hours for Knutsen Shipping LNG vessels
MV Arvika
Wärtsilä EnergoProFin improves the fuel efficiency of bulk carrier MV Arvika
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