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The provision of the new shuttle tankers to Teekay is one strong example of how operational issues in shipping today are abated by Wärtsilä’s solutions, each of which is focused on the reduction of emissions and enhanced efficiency.

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Mikkel Weum, the company’s Head of Commercial, Shuttle Tankers, is warmly enthusiastic about the partnership. 

 “Teekay’s cooperation with Wärtsila has been active for a few years now,” he begins. “It’s been a very good relationship. We’ve met a lot of competent people who have challenged us, and who have challenged our organisation  – and we’re very pleased to have placed an order for four new shuttle tankers.” 

His outlook on the industry’s direction mirrors Wärtsilä’s: “The shipping industry has a significant impact on the environment,” he maintains. “That being said, we believe that shipping is the most sustainable transport solution available. This does not mean we have achieved the full potential to become a cleaner and more effective way of transporting goods yet, however. 

“I think Wärtsilä can serve both Teekay and other customers in the maritime business very well in the future,” he concludes. “I believe Wärtsilä’s innovative solutions will continue to drive their own success.” 

“Making shipping a cleaner, more effective way of transporting goods.” 

The main ecological and economical features of Teekay shuttle tankers compared to traditional vessels: 

  • CO2 eq. reduced by more than 42% 
  • NOx reduction of 80% 
  • SOx and Particles almost entirely eliminated 
  • Use of VOC as fuel reduces bunkering of 40%
  • Reduces machinery running hours by 29% 
  • Reduces overall fuel consumption by 10% 
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