Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine Vision

The marine industries are faced with three major sources of inefficiency, each of which imposes a significant negative impact upon business operations and profitability. These are overcapacity, inadequate port-to-port fuel efficiency, and waiting times when entering ports and other high-traffic areas.

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The need to eliminate this waste forms the founding principle of Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine Ecosystem, a broad outlook which will harness the changes taking place in the shipping industry to deliver value and optimisation for all parties involved.

As the Smart Marine Ecosystem becomes the industry’s preeminent operating model, shared capacity will improve fill rates and reduce unit costs, big data analytics will optimise both operations and energy management, intelligent vessels will enable automated and optimised processes, and smart ports will deliver smoother and faster port operations.

Through the expanded adoption of digitalisation and new levels of connectivity, Wärtsilä intends to lead the industry’s next wave of transformation. The company is ideally positioned to help its customers and partners embrace the positive disruptive development of the marine sector – ultimately, enabling sustainable societies with smart technology.

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