Spearheading the change

"SeaWays has been working closely with Wärtsilä company Transas,” recalls Neil Sadler, SeaWays’ Managing Director, Americas & Middle East, “for almost a decade.”

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Having begun as a research and development agreement, the collaboration’s prime focus then shifted towards creating the world’s finest and most accurate tug models. “One of the most common ways to become more efficient is to train the vessel operators,” he explains. “This then generally enables them to operate the assets more efficiently, and vastly reduces fuel burn and carbon emissions.”  

“The future of shipping is digital,” Sadler maintains, “and from what we at SeaWays are seeing, Wärtsilä and Transas are spearheading this change.” 

“Creating the world’s fastest and most reactive tug models.” 

SeaWays has worked closely with Transas over the past 10 years: 

  • 360° TugSim - the most advanced in the world 
  • Simulation benefits: realistic exercises, improved safety, time and fuel savings 
  • Training benefits: enables operation of the company assets with greater efficiency, and vastly reduces fuel burn and carbon emissions 
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